How To Sell To A Skeptic (Part Two)

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Can You Sell To A Skeptic Like Your Know-It-All Mother-In-Law?

Yesterday we covered off the first steps you will need to take if you are going to be able to sell to a skeptic. Basically, they involve getting to know where the person is coming from and by asking innocuous questions and being a good listener, finding out where they want to go. Discover what is interesting to them and what makes them tick. Find out what their needs are, but do it in a very low key non-threatening way. Remember, you have to form the relationship first and marketing is second.

The Final Key Steps on How To Sell To a Skeptic 

1. The Gap ( The Distance Between Where They Are And Where They Want To Be)sell to a skeptic

When figuring out how to sell to a skeptic, show them the disparity of the position they are in and the place that they want to be.  If they continue doing what they are doing, when will they attain their goal? Will they ever attain it? What’s it going to feel like to never have what they want or need? To always have that unfulfilled goal eating at the back of their minds. Show them the pain that’s attached to the ‘if only’s’. Paint them the picture of what life will be like if they don’t strive for their dreams, if they don’t act on their wants and desires.

2. Building The Bridge

Another aspect of how to sell to a skeptic is building a bridge. Show the skeptic how you, your producthow to build rapport or your opportunity can help them get to where they want to be. Help them to see how their needs can be met. DO NOT BE SALESY. You are NOT selling at this point. All you are doing is putting down your information like a track layer building a railroad. They get to choose if they want to run their train on it. AND they may not. Be prepared for that, and don’t become attached to the outcome. Respect the rapport you have built and DO NOT SELL. This is the right time to tell stories that clearly show how it has helped others or yourself, but let them draw their own conclusions. All we are doing is creating links between what they want (or need) and what we have to offer. 

3. Seal the Deal

At this point you are offering to help them, in a non-sales type way.  You can show them how the products or opportunities worked for you, and the differences it has made in your life or in helping you towards your goals.  Make it very clear that you are willing to coach, motivate, lead and support them as part of your team, but you are leaving that decision up to them. Then LEAVE IT UP TO THEM. Do not cajole, beg, persuade or manipulate. If you do, and you wrangle them into joining you, you have created a situation with a certain tainted outcome. It doesn’t work. Plain and simple.

Give them your attention the same as before, and whether they say yes or no, make sure you check back in with them to connect and keep in touch.  Just like before, listen to what they say and pay attention to what they do. The right people will HARDLY EVER join up with you just like that. They will assess the value of you, your product or opportunity and research it till they are comfortable. Then and only then will they say yes, AFTER they have sold themselves.

4. Be Different, Be Real

In the age of the hard sell – be the one that’s different. People are bombarded day in and day out with all manner of selling to the point where they just tune it out. They will tune you out too if you come across the same way. All that’s required to be unique in today’s world is to actually care about someone.  Be yourself and be real with them.  Remember this very simple tenet. People do business with people that they trust and respect.  I would add that people join the teams of individuals that they trust and respect and feel motivated by.  Sheer charisma and popularity will get you elected, it just won’t keep you in office. The same is true here, you don’t just want to be seen as a solution for people’s needs, you want to BE the solution.

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2 Responses to “How To Sell To A Skeptic (Part Two)”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Great 2 part post reminding people that the skeptics are people too that come with their own set of thoughts. We are to respect it and share our story that is it.
    Marilyn recently posted…What Attracts You, What Is Your Shiny Object?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thank you Marilyn. So many of us struggle with this simple, basic concept. We feel that if we could just say one more thing, or show them one more statistic, all will be well. When in fact we should do what you suggested and stop talking.



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