Selling Money At A Discount- ROI?

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Selling Money At A Discount- ROI?

Not Illegal To Sell Money Is It?

This is the second technique in the series on 5 Sure Fire Sales Techniques from Dan Kennedy’s  book ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales In the first section we covered intimidation and how it can be used as a very effective sales tool. In this section we are going to look at how to tempt or motivate your customers into making the purchase by showing them that there is a serious cash discount in the deal for them, but only if they act now. This basically has the same effect as giving them a good ROI for their investment, encouraging them to ‘invest’ with you. It’s not hard to ‘sell money’.


1. Money Selling Made Easy

This method of sales Is often used by security companies who will show you how if you subscribe to their service for the one time only, low, low fee of $24.99 per month your insurance company will lower the cost of your policy premium by $100 per year. And folks, that’s a 33% return on your money right there. Another example is a car dealer who shows you that just by buying the new, more fuel efficient model you will save yourself so much money in gas, repairs, time and sheer envy that you cannot possibly go another day without this fine automobile.

2. Save Them Money By Selling Them Money

When you show a potential customer examples of how they can save money and a significant amount of it, then your sale is more than half complete. People will sell themselves, especially if it is something that they believe they were going to buy anyway, but now, now that you have given them such a screaming deal, they just have to make the move and put down their credit card or cash. If you show how they are going to make themselves an extra $100 dollars a month by subscribing to your service for advice that only costs $35 dollars a month, they can see that they are getting a 300 % return on their investment. That’s the beauty of selling money. It is really, really easy to do.

In the next installment we are going to look at appeals to the ego of the consumer.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Selling Money At A Discount- ROI?”

  1. Adam Lumley Says:

    Great post Sigrid, I love the concept of selling them on the value of their dollars spent vs. how much they will get back in return.
    Adam Lumley recently posted…The Strangest Secret by Earl NightingaleMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Adam. Interesting concept, isn’t it?



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