Seven Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

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How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

There is no doubt that email marketing is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity and use. It isn’t a great surprise to see this when you look at all the other forms of internet marketing and the limited scope that they have. Email marketing offers the seller more flexibility and control than virtually any other kind of marketing because you get to select your target audience with precision. All that being said, there are still a number of things that you need to do to ensure success, and an equal number you must not do to avoid failure.

seven deadly sins of email marketing

This post looks at the seven deadly sins of email marketing. These are things that will limit your acceptance, crush your sales and alienate you from your customer base. Any one of these seven deadly sins of email marketing will severely reduce your sales potential, and done in combination may end your online marketing career. Let’s get to them.

What Are The Seven Deadly Sins Of Email Marketing

1. Sending Emails To People Who Have NOT Opted-in

Seems really straight forward ,but people continue to do this. They buy lists and spam them with no idea who is on the list, or how they got their email address. Is it any wonder they get deleted, trashed, threatened and soundly hated by all legitimate email marketers out there? Don’t become a member of this despised group, no matter how tempting it seems.

2. Failing To Send A Copy Of Your Email To Yourself First

You have one chance to get it right. Don’t blow it with links that don’t work, graphics that are unreadable or typos that make it seem like the sender got his grandkids to do the copywriting. Be professional, be critical and make sure you have got both the content and the context correct before pushing send and mass emailing your list.

3. Sending Every Thing To Everybody

You wouldn’t send your personal emails to everyone (I hope), so why would you send all of your marketing to everyone that you have an email address for? Focus on sending to just the relevant parts of your list, or have your list divided up into marketing groups with a separate marketing campaign for each. This gives you more control and more feedback and ultimately makes you a better marketer.

4. Ignoring The Mobile Market

mobile marketing

Of the seven deadly sins of email marketing, this might be the biggest, given the current size of the mobile market and how fast it is growing. Make no mistake, this is not going to slow down anytime soon and it will get to the point, not that far in the future where mobile marketing will surpass personal computer use. Don’t ignore it any longer, get onboard now!

 5. Sending Only In HTML

I know it is hard to believe, but not everyone wants their messages in HTML. Some computers cannot process it, or are not set up for it, and there is nothing more annoying than receiving an unreadable email with garbled characters. It is a perfect recipe to have your email (and your message) trashed immediately, to say nothing of being black listed on that potential customer’s email list.

6. Sending Out Material That Is Neither Relevant Or Wanted

Everyone has had this happen to them. You belong to an email list because you enjoy the topics that are presented and value the information that you get from them. Then all of a sudden out of the blue you get an email that is so off topic you are taken aback. Sometimes I have even looked twice to make sure that they really did come from my usually trustworthy site. You can imagine my dismay when I find that yes indeed, I have been spammed by a trusted source. You can imagine the damage that this type of email marketing does to your relationship.

7. Failing To Honour The Unsubscribes On Your Email List

If people ask to be taken off your list, please do just that and do it in a timely fashion. Don’t leave it until it is ‘convenient’ for you to take them off and worst of all, don’t ignore their request altogether. Having unsubscribes is normal and healthy for an email list. As a rule, these are people who you don’t want to have on your list anyways. Healthy email lists don’t have consistently unresponsive or negative people on them. 

If you avoid all of these seven deadly email marketing sins, then you will be well on your way to email marketing success. Best of luck.

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  1. sherman smith Says:

    This is a great list of deadly sins of email marketing. I know I’m guilty of a couple of them. I’m not going to say though LOL, but I will definitely work on them. Thanks for sharing Sigrid!
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    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Glad to be of help Sherman:)



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