Seven Laws of Success (Part two)

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Seven Laws of Success (Part two)


5.  Resourcefulness (Overcoming Obstacles)

Life is a series of events, some large some small, some good and some very bad.  Very bad events have a way of taking even the most dedicated person, striving to be successful, well off their game. Obstacles of staggering proportions will suddenly rear up in front of us and we are going to have to become very, very resourceful to get past them.  Those individuals that possess the ability to become resourceful will always have a leg up on those that do not. Being resourceful is sometimes no more complicated than having a good team around you. The collective skills and ideas of a team greatly enhances your odds of overcoming obstacles, often through creative means.


 6. Perseverance (Don’t Give Up)

This is maybe the most important law of all and the easiest one to let fall by the wayside.  Every single successful person has been challenged along their way to greatness and it’s a testament to their perseverance that they continued on through their challenge towards their ultimate goal. Perseverance is the stubborn streak in us that keeps our eyes firmly fixed on what it is we want and keeps us moving in that direction. Remember something that you wanted so badly in your youth that you thought about it night and day? Maybe it was a bike, a pony or a doll and you couldn’t think of anything else. You didn’t give up until you got it or your parents totally lost it on you and even then you found a way to get what you wanted? That’s the kind of persistence I am talking about. You need a child-like almost fixation to focus on your goal.


7. Relationship with God (Inner Peace)

Herbert Armstrong was quite adamant that any person that practiced the first 6 laws but avoided this one were never quite truly successful.  At first blush this might seem to alienate some agnostics, et al but even many of them believe in some form of higher power described as the Universe instead of God. Every civilization has always had a God or Gods that they felt held sway over mankind and an individual is no different.  The important point is not so much how religious you are but rather how at peace you are within your own skin and within the world that you operate in. It is difficult to imagine anyone who is not at peace to be in a position to become successful. That would be like expecting to win the Indianapolis 500 but you haven’t the ability to drive a car.



In summation, it’s interesting to see how the definitions of what are considered to be core values have evolved since the writing of Armstrong’s first edition fifty years ago. What is abundantly clear is that the values themselves have not changed at all and likely haven’t changed since the dawn of time.

I like to think of the path to success as being very similar to a cruise ship.  You would have to establish a destination (Goal) and then figure out what you would need in the way of provisions, fuel, charts, etc (Preparation). The mechanical condition of the ship and its systems would have to be checked out the make sure they were in good working order(Good Health) and then you actually have to set sail and leave the moorings in the harbor if you want to get to your destination.  You are almost sure to run into stormy weather and challenging seas that will test your resolve and your resources (Resourcefulness).  If you want to make it across the ocean you can’t just simply quit and go home. You have to ‘press on’ (Perseverance) and not let others or situations dissuade you from your ultimate goal. Lastly it does seem as though some ships just have a special ‘blessing ‘ that keeps them safe and helps them to weather storms and other challenges (Relationship with God).

It’s an interesting analogy that helps me with determining whether a specific action is moving me closer or further away from my goal. See if it works for you.

In the next part of this series we will look at Deepak Chopra’s version of the Seven Laws of Success. See you then.

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  1. Dagmar Says:

    I really enjoyed these 7 laws of success. We all need to find a balance in life and that requires resourcefulness and perseverance.


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    Thanks Dagmar.



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