Shiny Object Syndrome

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How To Deal With The Shiny Object Syndrome

I was looking at one of my favourite blog writer’s site recently, and noticed that she had made mention of one of the greatest curses that can befall the internet marketer. I have been just as guilty of this malady as anyone else that Ann Seig  talks about so I know whereof I speak.

It is perfectly natural when you have come through a slump, or if you are mired in financial difficulties, to look about for a lifeline. Something that you can cling to, something that is going to save your sorry butt. It’s another form of the gambler’s philosophy, where you put everything on one last turn of the card, except that here you are counting on the next new shiny object to save the day and your career in the process.

shiny object

And of course it won’t, but that doesn’t matter because guess what? There is another new shiny object just around the corner. And surely it will be the one. And if not there is one after that. Another seminar, another product, another training course, this is gonna be it!

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome?

In reality any one of these might have worked, had we stayed on the project and not allowed anyone (including ourselves) to take us off of our game. It is when we start running around chasing salvation, instead of doing the work that gets us into all kinds of trouble. I want you to see what my good friend Ann Sieg has to say on the matter in this short video that she posted.

Have a look at it and let me know what you think. Tell me if you can identify with the description that she is giving of a person afflicted with the shiny object syndrome. Like I said earlier, it sure matched me and how I operate perfectly.

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