Silpada – Earnings Potential Review – Hype or Hard Facts?

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The concept, or business model if you will, isn’t new. You host a party and invite a whole lot of people that you think might be interested in silver jewelry and have them buy it. You become rich and famous and have your picture taken with the shiny cars and a big waterfront castle. Now, how do you get from here to there? That’s always the question.

To get started you don’t need a lot. Just $199 and a lot of silver buying friends and you are on your way. You can increase your entry package to the point where you are no longer paying an initial certification fee by purchasing enough jewelry. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? On to the Silpada party requirements and how you actually make money.


In order to maximize your income, you need to host a ‘qualifying party’. A ‘qualifying party’ is one where there are 10 or more guests that purchase jewelry that totals $500 or more in retail value. Given that the published amount of average retail sales per party is $950, according to the Silpada’s website, it’s not a stretch to see yourself having a qualifying party.

By hosting a qualifying party, you will earn 30% of the retail sales in cash and an additional 30% in free jewelry credits. If, for some reason, your party does not meet expectations and you don’t meet the minimums for a ‘qualifying party,’ then Silpada scales the compensation down accordingly. It’s a very fair return on your investment of time and energy.

How Silpada’s compensation plan pays

According to the chart on the Silpada’s website, if you were to host a mere five parties a week, you could earn an annual income of $68,400. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at and it’s enough to keep you in taco chips and premium salsa. The website also shows how hosting five parties a week would only require 15-20 hours of your time.

That’s an ambitious target even for a veteran hostess, and you would have to be very well connected indeed to find the 2500 silver buying guests to make that goal a reality. Experience would indicate that for the vast majority of us, that goal may be overreaching a little. Still, if you can do it all, the rewards are there. So is the earning potential that Silpada promises there? Absolutely it is. But with the proviso that you have to be pretty much the party queen of your state or certainly of your town in order to make it all come true.

Conversely, if you enjoy hosting parties with no sales presentations and no pushy sales and get paid for it, Silpada could well be worth looking into.

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