Silver Lining Or A Golden Glow

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Silver vs. Gold

Silver has long been considered gold’s ugly sister, or at the very worst, akin to a poor second cousin.  There are plenty of reasons for this. Gold was considered the fiat currency almost entirely around the world for the vast majority of history.  Even after countries moved their currencies off the gold standard there remained an allure to gold that no one could deny. Governments still continued to hold (hoard) large quantities of gold as a hedge against troubled times and as reserves to be used to purchase currencies either foreign or domestic. Gold is much easier to store, both from a sheer bulk comparison, as well as it doesn’t tarnish or discolor to the same extent that silver can.

Silver In Short Supply

All that being said, there is a strong case that can be made for silver and its value relative to gold. There have been times throughout history where the price of silver has been much higher relative to gold than it is now. And I and others feel that it is likely to rise against gold once again. It’s really a matter of economics and rather simple economics at that. The age old law of supply and demand.

Less Silver Than Gold?

silverYou see, gold is a funny thing. It can’t really be created (despite what the alchemists and Professor Dumbledorff say), and it cannot be destroyed. So little gold is used in manufacturing, that over 95% of all the gold ever mined throughout history remains intact today. That means that there is a remarkable amount of physical gold available at all times. So it can be bought, sold and traded rather easily. Conversely silver is used extensively in industry, primarily in circuitry and a lot in electronics. So much so that the amount of silver used annually exceeds the amount that is mined. There is actually less physical silver available to use than there is physical gold. It is a no brainer that the amount of electronics and complex circuitry is going to increase as India, China, Brazil and Russia become more affluent.

BRIC Eats Silver

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are going to eat up silver like ants on a deserted ham sandwich at a picnic. More mining of silver won’t happen fast. In fact.,it may not be possible to mine enough silver to match demand. Guess what impact that is going to have on price. You guessed it. Through the roof.  I actually expect the price of silver to rise so rapidly that it will take gold along with it.  Now that might seem pretty ballsy to say that, but realistically gold will be under pressure already, due to the currency issues plaguing Europe and the US. There is going to be a lot of gold held as a hedge against currency devaluations and a lot of silver too. Silver gets my nod because of the added advantage of being not just an inflation hedge, but a metal on the short end of the demand/supply curve. 

To Get On The Silver Train…

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Till Next Time….

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