Sink, Swim Or Be Swept Away

Do You Swim Free-Style Or Do You Float?

There is an odd quirk of human nature that I want to mention today.  It has to do with our tendency to relax, and let our guard down when we find ourselves in ‘good times’. When we first set out on the road to success, (or wherever we are going), we usually don’t have a lot so we tend to be hungry and constantly looking for little things to gain some traction.

sink or swim

It seems as though life is always going to be a struggle but, bit by bit, things change and as time passes we become more successful and life gets easier. Slowly our subconscious mind begins to tell us that we don’t have to work so hard, that we ‘have it made’.

We begin to let our daily habits slide and don’t feel the need to work as hard or to be a sharp. Instead of pressing on, we decide to just float along because well, ‘life is good’.


Do You Swim Upstream?

I could use the analogy of swimming up the current of a swiftly flowing river, and then coming to a back eddy of relativeswiftly flowing river calm where hard work isn’t required to keep your place in the stream.

All too often, this is where complacency sets in and we fail to do even the minimum amount of swimming and either sink below the surface, or are pushed back to swim into the fast flowing water and carried away downstream.

I use this illustration to point out the sometimes not so obvious that if you don’t keep doing the actions that got you to your place of well being, then you are going to lose your place and slide back to where you were.

Interestingly enough, this same principle applies throughout our lives and pervades everything that we do. It occurs in our quest for spiritual awareness and peace, it shows up in our relationship building, and it is clearly evident in our drive for better physical health.


If You’re Not Growing, You’re Not Going

Most of us think it applies mainly in the arena of personal wealth creation, or in our day to day activities, but it goes much deeper than that. The basic premise that we are at our best when we are reaching and striving is clearest when you look at the daily habits of successful people. They tend to be goal oriented individuals that reset their goals every time that they reach them.

Did you get that point?


Swim Where?


They don’t stop growing, they don’t stop learning, they don’t stop becoming more than they are. They never swim and arrive anywhere at a place where they can look around smugly and say, well we made it, let’s order up the fluffy drinks and sip them poolside.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t rest along the way, or that relaxation isn’t important (it is). I am merely pointing out that all too often success is taken as a cue to take your foot off the gas, and just to let it coast.

Trust me, there’s another hill coming. Pick up some speed while you can.

Till Next Time


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  1. Elaine Twiss Says:

    Yes I agree, we are too eager to have an easy life that when things aren’t so tough we tend to do as you said just coast. Thanks for this post.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Elaine
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