Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups Part Two

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Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups  Part Two

Part One Business Start-Ups Summary

In the first part of the Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-ups we looked at needing to have or develop a business mindset. That is key and without it success will be virtually impossible. No one else cares for your business or has the drive and the ambition that you do in regards to it. We talked about the importance of sales and marketing and how it is the lifeblood of your business and then finished off with service/product delivery. So let’s get to it and finish off the other three main tenets of your Business Start-up.


4. Prepare a Business Plan…And Follow it

There is a saying that carries an awful lot of truth in it. If you ‘Fail To Plan’ then in essence you have ‘Planned To Fail’. That seems harsh but the stats bear it out. The vast majority of businesses that start without a Business Plan, fail. Conversely, the business that starts with a Business Plan has a major likelihood of succeeding. Given that alone, why would anyone start a business without one?

A good Business Plan allows you to put together all the numbers and a chance for a frank and open discussion with yourself and your advisors about the risks and pitfalls of your business. It identifies where key financing is to come from, what revenues are likely to be, a time frame and a cash flow projection. What resources will you need, how will you get them, how will you grow your business and who do you need on your team? These are all questions that a good Business Plan must be able to answer.  


5. Persistence

All entrepreneurs must possess this key ingredient. Without it there is little chance for success of any quantity and there will be times when this is all there is to carry you through. It is only the vision and the seemingly blind faith that things will get better that will keep you getting up in the mornings and keep you answering the phones and keep you looking for ways to improve your business. At some point success of your business will be the driving force in your life.

If you can’t ever imagine being in that position or having that level of dedication then I would humbly suggest you should rethink your decision to go into business for yourself. You may be doing yourself a disservice and ultimately making a costly mistake. There are very few entrepreneurs that can truly say that their business just took off from the first day that they started and they didn’t face down Old Man Fear  (in one or more of his many forms) a number of times along the way.

 It is perfectly normal to be challenged to your core as a start-up business owner and you need to have the ability to focus on the goals that you want and ride out the storms. This one trait, more than any other, is what will give your business more likelihood of success because with it you can overcome many other shortcomings simply by refusing to quit.


6. Closing the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

Just two simple little words aren’t they. Knowing and Doing. Not so hard to say. But all too often they are miles apart in real life. It is one thing to have the knowledge and know what needs to be done but quite another actually implementing it. What stops us? It can be fear, being unsure of how to utilize the knowledge, wanting to wait for the perfect time, or lack of funds to do what we know we need to do.

The first part of this success strategy requires us to accumulate the knowledge to conduct our business in a professional and profitable manner. That in itself is a never ending process. Learning can come from peers, research, trial and error and seeing what has worked for others. Using that knowledge is of paramount importance. Business isn’t like a trivia contest where all you need to do is to supply the correct answer. Business requires that we utilize our knowledge base and put what we know into practice as soon as possible. Acting on the information is the hallmark of businesses that will withstand the test of time and the curves that life chucks our way from time to time.

Good Luck if you are in the process of getting a Start-up Business off the ground. It is one of the most self fulfilling things you can do.

Till Next Time….


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2 Responses to “Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups Part Two”

  1. Tom Fuszard Says:

    Good points in both columns, Sigrid. Some people seem to feel that they can jump into network marketing and make it big based solely on the quality of the product they’re representing. I can say from experience that isn’t so. Starting and managing a business, even an online one, requires a lot of thought, persistance, training, and patience. And, yes, some capital.

    It’s really not much different than the core ingredients for a successful offline business.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Tom. A successful online business is very much like a successful offline business with many of the same factors coming into play. It takes planning, persistence and strategy.



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