Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups

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Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups



1. The Mind of a Business Owner

Not everyone has this. It’s just a fact. And if you don’t, it’s almost impossible to fake it or to go out and purchase this skill. Yes, you can learn it, but still you will have to put it into action before you can truly say you have it mastered. Just like riding a bicycle, swimming or driving a car, this kind of skill requires experiential learning.

If you aren’t the type that can assume responsibility and ownership of results (good or bad) then you may want to reconsider striking out on your own. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and you need to have complete honesty with yourself. If you tend to look for external reasons for failure you will have a tough go as a new small business owner.


2. Sales and Marketing

Those that protest ‘I’m not in sales’, likely aren’t. That also means they aren’t in the money either and in business that’s a fatal condition. If you aren’t good at sales and marketing you had better find someone who is or find a business model that contains a sales and marketing template.  Franchises, Licences and Network Marketing are all examples of businesses that usually have a built in sales and marketing component.

As a small business owner you have to focus on activities that will lead to ultimately gaining more customers and thereby, more sales. You need to be able to track the number of potential clients that you have initiated contact with and what stage of a sale or purchase order you are at. You need to always be evaluating methods of generating business and looking for innovative ideas that keep you separate from the rest.

Sales and marketing should be carefully planned and executed rather than treated as a lottery where you pull the lever and see what you get. Remember that truly successful people seldom if ever, buy lottery tickets.


3. Product/Service Delivery

There is so much more to this than just the physical act of the delivery of your product or service. There is the timeliness of the delivery to consider. Was it done on or ahead of the specific planned schedule? Was it complete in every way and was it what the client expected? Have you got a schedule to contact the client again after the delivery is made to get their feedback so you can make refinements to the sales process? Always ask yourself…How can I improve the  product or service delivery to my clients. How can I create more value for them?

Join us for the remaining three critical must-do’s in the next blog post. Please comment below. ..What do you think they are?

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6 Responses to “Six Critical Must-Do’s For Business Start-Ups”

  1. joel pashkin Says:

    “Sales and marketing should be carefully planned and executed rather than treated as a lottery where you pull the lever and see what you get. Remember that truly successful people seldom if ever, buy lottery tickets.” Love this. Thanks so much for a great post
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life in Retirement and All it’s StrugglesMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Glad you liked it Joel!



  2. Marilyn Arriaga Says:

    I am excited to see what your next post is. Thank you and it is true. Having a business mindset is important.


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Marilyn. More good stuff coming…



  3. John Williams Says:

    Great post Sigrid, Planning and executing your sales and marketing beats the lottery mentality any day.
    John Williams recently posted…How to Conquer Fear in MLMMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks John so much for stopping by and for your kind comments



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