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One of the bottlenecks to most online businesses is the difficulty in producing a reasonable volume of high quality leads. It is relatively easy to generate either a large quantity of leads, but the quality is to say the least, dubious. If you have ever purchased leads then you know what I am referring to. You may have a mountain of leads, but you will likely have to dig through a lot of overburden to find any gold nuggets. If you have ever called a low cost list, you will have wished you had an ultimate lead generator like Skype Traffic Ninja.


ultimate lead generator


I think of Skype Traffic Ninja Main Events (comprised of like minded individuals) as entering a major hotel like the MGM in Vegas. The main host of the MGM collects the information from all the people coming into the event because he is the host of the event. However, once inside the MGM the true value of the ultimate lead generator comes to light. All the people who come through the main door are offered different gifts that they can receive in each of the ballrooms. Each ballroom is hosted by a participant who is offering an attractive gift to all the people that have entered the main door.  If any of the people who entered opt in to receive the free gift offered, then they become leads for the participant of that specific ballroom. Remember that they are also a lead for the main host as well. 

Each participant has to agree to send a certain number of people (clicks) to a main event in order to qualify and win the right to offer a valuable opt-in gift. This is the difference maker in the ultimate lead generator. It allows even those people who don’t have large lists to produce quality leads in quantity. That is the benefit that attracted us to using this ultimate lead generator in the first place. We certainly didn’t have a large list, and yet we have some tremendous opt-in gifts. It seems a terrific fit for us. It may not work for everyone, but it sure did the trick for us. Get onboard and start producing quality leads right away.

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