Soak Up The Sun

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 Here Comes The Sun

Guest Post by Archie McNab

The Sun Can’t Shine Every Day

With apologies to the writers and recording artists that have made these songs famous for my off-key renditions that I torture other nearby people with. I love music. I am not a great singer, but that has never stopped me from giving it my all at times, especially when it comes to songs about sun and sunshine.


Living in the Pacific Northwest guarantees a person a few things, actually a lot more than a few, but I will stick to a few obvious ones.  We can count on the hills being green, the coffee being good and the sun always being welcome.  There are not that many days in the late fall that are notable for clear blue skies and warm temperatures, so when we get them we want to take full advantage. I want to share a little story to show you just how valuable they really are.

My good mother (Grandma to my children and about a hundred or so others) passed away just over a year ago. She left behind more memories than I will ever recall, more wisdom than I am ever likely to attain, and two cats. One of the cats, Princess by name, was certainly no spring chicken and she really missed Grandma after she had moved on. My sisters took turns feeding the cats and generally taking care of them up until the end of August this year.

It then fell to me, as the occupant of the farm, to take care of them and they grudgingly accepted my version ofsun1 putting out food and water. It’s always a delicate balance to put out enough for the cats, but not so much that the raccoons will think it’s a Fourth of July picnic and invite all their friends and relatives over. If they are hungry, they aren’t shy about letting me know by some fearsome yowling and carrying on as though they are survivors of some perverse fat farm that ‘melts the pounds away’ via starvation methodology.

At any rate, Princess’ health was failing lately, and in the last week most markedly. She didn’t move far and slept an awful lot, and eventually lost interest in food as well. Early this week I arrived home on a rare sunny November afternoon and saw that she had moved down off the mat at the top of the stairs, and was sunning herself just in front of the house where she and Grandma had spent many hours together over the years. Two days later she was gone.

That really got me to thinking.  About how many sunny days we all may or may not have. And, if like Princess and Grandma, we take the time to enjoy them. I also don’t think it is necessary to be old to enjoy a sunny day. In fact, I’m not even sure that sun is absolutely required in order to enjoy a ‘sunny day’. A sunny day can be any day that you decide is worth dedicating a part of, or all of, to yourself. It might be ten minutes of meditation at lunch, a luxurious candlelight bubble bath after work, or sneaking off a few hours early to roll a fly across your favorite creek. There are as many ways to treat yourself as there are people that need to be pampered a little.

So live a little and find your place in the sun. Don’t wait till you only have a few days left. And none of us know how long we really have. Life is for the living! Soak up the sun!

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Soak Up The Sun”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are so right, it is so important to take time for yourself. You said it so nice and gentle I almost cried. It is like the old saying …stop and smell the roses


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Dagmar for sharing…



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