Social Media Marketing Wins By Default

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Using Social Media Marketing Is The Safest Way

It seemed for a long time that it wasn’t going to be possible to effectively monetize social media despite all the good will and intention in the world. Then slowly over time the inevitable occurred and social media marketing started to become of age.

Social Media has become more responsible, and gone are most of the saccharine days of MySpace and other websites of that ilk. Facebook, Twitter and more recently Pinterest have proven to be very good promotional tools for marketers if they use the social media for the reasons that it was developed.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Primarily, your social media marketing will come in the form of clicks on your links that will take people to your opt-in page, and ultimately to your products and services. Using social media as a referral tool will drive good quality traffic to your site and help promote communication within your industry.

Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated (thank god, about time) and they are doing a better and better job of filtering out spam sites and those that have marginal quality, or a lot of problems with broken links, etc.

All of this crackdown on the spam sites that used to dominate searches and create the most bizarre search engine optimization has been a real boon for the traffic that is produced through social media marketing. This traffic is highly prized by Google and reduces the likelihood that your site will be given a ‘google slap.’

Clearly you as the website owner will be happy to take the time to do it right and to promote your website so that it appeals to humans and bots alike. I sincerely hope that you recognize the importance of satisfying your human readers in advance of keeping the search robots happy. I have never seen a web bot purchase a single product yet.

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