Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?

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Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

For something that has been the darling of the internet marketing industry for a number of years now, social media marketing sure is a troublesome child. In many ways it resembles a willful teenager, demanding attention, but at the same time thwarting attempts to get close enough to really understand it and being almost as unpredictable in its responses.

Still with that being said, like the teenager it holds so much promise we don’t want to pass up on its tremendous potential and if harnessed, (like the teenagers energy and willfulness) it has the potential to amaze.

The Downfall Of Social Media Marketing

Still there is one huge drawback to social media marketing, the unspoken truth or the elephant in the room, if social media marketingyou will. It takes time. Huge gobs of time. There is no way around it. If you want to position yourself as the ‘expert’, you have to put in the time. If you want to be the ‘reliable friend’, you have to build the relationship and that takes time. If you want to become the ‘go to’ person that people will contact through social media marketing, that will take time as well.

So really the choice is yours. If you want to have the benefits that being the recognized leader and authority that social media marketing can bring you, then you have to be willing to invest the time and effort. It is more than just time however. It has to be interactive time. Being a passive member of any forum or facebook group and saying and contributing nothing is like being a blank signpost. Everyone can see that you’re there, but you aren’t providing anyone with any information.

Think back to the relationship that you built with your childhood friends. How many hours you spent together and all the things that you did. Is it any wonder that you would trust their advice on a restaurant or a movie that they would recommend? That’s because you have built a solid relationship. It’s the same with people online, although things do move a lot faster. You need to build that relationship…carefully and consistently…to the point where you do begin to become that person who is trusted for advice.

I would suggest that you begin your social media marketing campaign in only a few places, and contribute regularly to them before expanding your base and covering more and more social media marketing venues. Do what you do well, before you elect to do more.

Concentrate on helping others and worry not at all about promoting and selling your products or services. You can make it known that you are involved in marketing, but keep it very light and very simple. If others want to know more, and they will, then you have permission to share with them what it is that you do in your ‘day job.’

The adage of social network marketing should be, ‘Give, Give, Give’ because if you do, then you will receive abundantly in return.

Is social media marketing worth it? Absolutely! But it is not a short term solution or financial generator for the vast majority of people who participate in this realm.

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