Social Media Trumps Email Marketing Really?

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Is Social Media Email Marketing’s Black Hole?

Social media has grown to the point where it has become just one of those ‘IS’ things. Just like gasoline is the fuel of choice for most vehicles, and big box stores is the place where most people shop. You are entitled to your own opinions of course, but personal views are easily trampled in today’s world. Which leaves me pondering this next point I want to share with you.

Social media has changed the way that we evaluate things in today’s world. And we are willing to comment on virtually anything. We rapidly contemplate and spew out our views on everything from the Boston marathon bombings to the Kardashian sisters wardrobe choices. We weigh in on our favourite sports team, our latest body mod, and which oven ready pizza has the cheesiest flavour. In short, there isn’t much we not only just pass judgement on, we will willingly share our views with the world.

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This instant access to information dissemination has some interesting results. Products are made or broken overnight based upon mob rule. Opinions are founded, swayed and driven with alarming speed without the drag of accuracy and authenticity. The world of information has become like a schoolyard with the same kind of response speed to new information. So how does all of this affect your email marketing?

Social Media And Email Marketing Interaction

Email marketing first looked as though it would be overrun by the social media juggernaut, until the realization hit that it is exquisitely difficult to monetize social media in a manageable manner. Unlike in email marketing, where marketing nuances such as geography, engagement time and length, and response rates can be calculated and used to market more effectively. With the creation of Facebook groups and Facebook  ads it was suddenly possible to market to a specific target group as opposed to a blast at everyone within range.

Email marketingSocial media can easily become a time vampire, sucking up precious hours of your marketing time if it isn’t managed in a correct way. You should always have the question in the back of your mind (not too far back either), ‘Is what I am doing going to generate income?’ If the answer is no, then limiting your time on that activity may be wise. Using it to promote your visibility might be a better option. Offer comments on other posts, post your own thoughts and materials and most of all pictures.

Social media provides tremendous opportunities for opt-in pages to your site and email links, and conversely you can use your email to drive people to your social group site. By making facebook posts and by posting pictures on pinterest, it is much easier to make more people aware of you. You, and your words and pictures have now become the face of your business. If you look at large companies, most of them have come up with a character, or a person who has become the voice (and image) for that company’s marketing image.

This is what you have to create for yourself as well. Become known as an expert on the thing that you are good at, whether that is making lasagna, writing biting critiques, or care of horses. There is no limit of topics available, and people out there that want to know about it and you.

In short answer to the question that I first posed, social media will not bring about the demise of email marketing. In fact, if anything, it will enhance it. Social media has the ability to promote email marketing, and email marketing has the potential to promote social media.

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