Social Responsibility- The Price Isn’t Right

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What Is The Cost Of Social Responsibility?

If you have been following the news at all lately, or for that matter within the last year, then you are probably aware to some extent of the conditions of those working in the manufacturing sectors of some third world countries. To say that the working conditions are deplorable is a gross injustice and a huge understatement. And to pretend that we don’t see the social responsibility, and how we have to take ownership of it shames me and you. Or at least it ought to.

Just this past month, a garment factory that was producing clothing for Walmart, Sears, and Disney went up in flames, killing 112 people. Those working on the second floor had to jump for their lives as there was no external fire escape. They were told that the fire alarms were only a drill and the music in the factory was turned up presumably to drown out the sounds of the fire alarm.

social responsibility

While this factory was only producing garments for the companies listed above, you can be sure that other clothing sales outlets also use suppliers that are every bit as unscrupulous. Meanwhile, back here at home we continue to flock to the stores with the lowest prices, and we have allowed that to become the driver for the sourcing departments of most of the major stores. Up until recently we were getting most of our clothing made in China, but then there were problems with labour shortages and WAGE COSTS, if you can believe that. Luckily for our wallets, the sourcers were able to find a new labour market in Bangladesh where the workers make a princely sum of 37 dollars per month.

So now I know the true cost of my $8 jeans. And my $10 sweatshirt. My $30 shoes and so on and so on.

When we indicated our desire for lower cost clothing to the major stores by our buying patterns, we forgot to include our social responsibility and ask for clothing produced by fairly paid workers who are working in reasonable conditions. Or maybe we didn’t forget. Maybe it wasn’t convenient to remember things that would increase costs and maybe cost us a few cents.

When Will We Have To Pay The Social Responsibility Bill?

It is reasonable to presume that at some point the hue and cry will be such that the major brands will have to do more to ensure that basic working conditions and fair wages are being met within the ranks of their suppliers?And, yes, the prices that we pay will have to rise. But that is only right and fair. None of us would want to work for the miserable wages that they make, and nor would we want our families to have to subsist on that meager existence. When you hear the heart rendering accounts of the survivors and how they are treated at the place that they work, you realize that things have to change. That’s the cost of our social responsibility and why the price isn’t right.

We can all do our part, and insist on a ‘chain of custody’ that goes from the basic suppliers of the raw materials right through the manufacturing and shipping, and ultimately right to the stores that you and I shop in. We already do that with organic and sustainable products, so this isn’t uncharted territory. It’s just a matter of enough of us insisting that this is what we want and voting with our wallets. After all, it is our social responsibility.

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2 Responses to “Social Responsibility- The Price Isn’t Right”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are so right, we often forget our Social Responsibility when we go shop for the lowest price garments. Some people cannot afford expensive clothes and/or do not want to know how the people that make them are treated. On the the other hand, do Walmart or the other stores really care? As long as they make their huge profits. We know things have to change.


    sigrid Reply:

    You said it all in this one sentence Dagmar: “We know things have to change”.



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