Start With A Clean Slate

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Why Do You Need A Clean Slate?

We often hear the term clean slate in reference to starting out on a new journey or a new business endeavour. It is a term that originated back in the day of when writing was done on slate tablets. I am referring to tablets of stone, rather than the modern day apple or android  electronic version. If you started work on something that was new, you started with a ‘clean slate’ (one that did not have any marks or previous writings on it).

clean slate

It also became a term popular with the concept of leaving your past and your past actions behind you. To start ‘with a clean slate’ meant that you were not carrying along the baggage of yesterday with you. An example would be a person who was convicted of a crime, and having served their sentence, being set free. At least in theory, that person is considered to be starting out with a clean slate.

When you are involved with the act of manifestation it is best to also begin with a clean slate and to not allow previous realities or experiences to cloud or distort the image of whatever it is you are working on manifesting.

How Important It Is To Have A Clean Slate While Manifesting?

If your slate really is clean, then you are allowing all possible thought in without regard to its merit or form, simply allowing it to occur without restriction or filtering. This is referred to as ‘pure thought.’ It is difficult to create, because as humans we tend to judge, and once having judged, we form an opinion that colours our view and restricts our abilities to create with the mind. If we can clear our mind completely, then there are no limits as to what we can create,as there will be no doubt or ‘rationalizing’ where it has to fit our reality in order for us to be able to believe it can actually occur.

When previous results and yesterday’s events are permitted to influence our thinking, then we are likely to produce the same results that we attained yesterday as well. When that happens, it reinforces in our mind the perception that we get what we deserve, nothing more, nothing less. With ‘clean slate’ thinking there is no thought or weight given to yesterdays experiences or the the outcomes that were attached to them.

Learning and manifesting are both best done with the clean slate of a ‘beginner’s mind. From that point we can move in any direction at all, and allow the mind complete control over the creation of whatever we wish to manifest.

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