Staying On Task

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The Importance Of Staying On Task

Every business person knows that there is a tremendous benefit to be gained by being able to stay on task and not allow yourself to be taken off your game. Professional athletes know all too well that a split second of indecision or inattention can cause you your chance at a medal or a championship.

Challenges Of Staying On Task

This problem is only magnified when you are dealing with the world of internet marketing. Staying on task is that much more difficult when you find yourself in a less disciplined environment, especially when it comes to working from home. It is too easy to wander to the kitchen to fix yourself a snack or to get another cup of coffee. Ditto for taking out the garbage or going to the post office to mail letters and get some stamps.

All of these other, supposedly minor, interferences can easily become time vampires that suck the time and dollars away from you. Usually at a time when you can least afford it. Working from your home is great, but you can allow it to become just being at home, and working only when you are truly able to do so with uninterrupted periods of time sans interruptions from children, spouses or friends. In other words, hardly ever!

staying on task

Staying on task and focusing cannot be overemphasized. You have to come up with ways to ensure that your working time remains just that. Your working time. Spouses and children will have to learn that when you are working, you are not to be disturbed and that you will emerge from your office at a given time. Make a habit of returning calls and answering email only at a specific time each day and make that fact known.

Avoid overwhelm by only starting the tasks that are the most immediate and will bring you closer to your daily and or weekly goals. Staying on task is easier when you have a schedule, and you don’t allow it to become overly cluttered with non-emergency appointments. Be ruthless in your assessment of what is important and what is not. Get rid of or delay the not important information appointments that may fill up your hours and do everything but allow you to stay on task.

Keep a record of everything that you have to do, and then what you have accomplished.  The human brain is a wonderful machine. Once you begin to move closer to your goal, it will automatically help you choose the right activities that will bring your goals closer all the time.

Remember that you are the captain. You get to decide how aggressive you are going to be towards your business and what your timeline is going to be.  If you remain firm in your resolve, then you are going to have little trouble with staying on task and meeting your obligations

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