Stompin’ Tom The Icon Of a Nation

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So Long Stompin’ Tom

Yesterday we lost a Canadian Icon. I am not much moved by the comings and goings of most celebrities, but this man holds a special place in my heart and in the hearts of millions of Canadians. Today’s blog post is dedicated to him and to those of us left behind.

Who Was Stompin’ Tom ?

Stompin’ Tom

If there ever was a face of a nation that was known and loved more than this man, I’ve yet to see it. He wasn’t a leader, wasn’t a war hero, wasn’t a genius, wasn’t a champion of good deeds. He was not blessed with a bell-like musical voice or abundant talent, but he had something so few good performers do. Stompin’ Tom  Conners had heart, and he had a fierce pride in our country that came to embodify what it meant to be Canadian.

He began with nothing, and slowly worked himself up to being a recording star, and in the process worked about every odd job that a teenage boy or a young man could on his way to becoming a singer. Tom loved to travel, and he roamed this great country in a way that most of us only dream of. Years later, Tom would be able to recall something that had occurred to him ,or someone that he had met in every single town in Canada.

Tom sang about Canada, its places and its people, its history and geography. To listen to his music was to take a lesson in Canadiana. He was unabashedly proud to be a Canadian, proud of this land that he called home. Stompin’Tom was a flag waver, but one with a unique way of being a patriot through his songs and their lyrics. With few exceptions, Tom never performed for anyone but Canadians, and he refused to ‘move on’ to further his musical career.

He won a slew of Juno’s (Canada’s top music award) but refused to accept them, becoming political in his dry comments to give them to the performers that had fled to the US, whom the Canadian public loved so well. His last Juno nomination was deferred by him, instead he would rather it went to an aspiring star to whom it would mean a great deal.

That action gives us a glimpse of the man behind the music. Tom came from very humble beginnings and never forgot his roots. He ran away from a foster home at age at age twelve, got his first guitar at the age of fourteen and according to legend, began his singing career in a bar in Timmins. He was a nickel short of change for a beer and the bartender said he would cover him if he sang a song.

Stompin’ Tom did just that and it turned into a fourteen month gig that eventually paved the way for a recording contract. Tom’s first hit ‘Bud The Spud” was released and the real journeying began. After awhile, it seemed almost impossible to find a town that he hadn’t played in. He loved audiences in small towns and the ordinary people that he would meet in his travels along the way.

We are going to miss you Tom. Canada is going to miss you. We are all better as a country because of your coming along. You leave us a legacy that is so much more than just your music. Thank you.

Stomp On!

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Stompin’ Tom The Icon Of a Nation”

  1. dagmar wichary Says:

    You said it,he was the most likeble and talented person I have ever known and a true Canadian


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Dagmar. He bled Canada…



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