Sunfest Sunshine

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Sunfest Sunshine

We made it down to the site of the Sunfest near Duncan, BC without any major incident, Tim Horton’s iced capps in hand and in through the gate. We then went through more levels of security and checks than would be required for you to take an Ariens rocket home for the weekend but eventually made it to our reserved designated spot.


It’s All In The Planning

The ‘real’ fun began there, as the ‘spot’ had been dramtically reduced in size when the security fence was moved back to provide a larger ‘safe’ area around the stage. That, coupled with a ‘designated road’ (a few white lines spray painted on the grass with a few pink flags poked into the sod), resulted in either the truck or the trailer being firmly inside the ‘no fly’ zone.


No Advice Like Free Advice

After some hasty consulting with a variety of officials and the free advice of the usual helpful neighbours, one fellow said that he would sort it all out –just sit tight. He was gone for some time, but then returned and let us know that he only had one more ‘higher up’ to seek counsel from and after that we would be good.


The Show Must Go On

We decided that we had waited long enough and ‘dropped anchor’ right where we were parked and set up camp. Our daughter, Maddy,  was pretty happy that the music onstage began soon after. As is often the case, they start off with the lesser known acts and those performers just starting out hoping to make a career as musicians. Personally, I like this part of the program because although you can hear some real tripe on occasion, you also get to hear some raw talent too. They didn’t disappoint, either and we got to hear some local teen age singers with good voices that performed as though they wanted to leave an impression.


Trailer Park Girls

As the acts went on the successive groups became more polished and a little louder. By now the campground is rapidly filling and the partying is in full swing. A group of girls beside us have climbed up on the roof of a rented RV and are dancing away merrily. Later, when their mom returns, the dancing grinds to a halt along with the alcohol intake.


Gord Bamford ‘The Closer’

The last set of the night has Gord Bamford performing and he doesn’t disappoint. He kept the crowd and involved and entertained throughout the entire set. He finished up just before midnight and I think the timing was perfect. Give people good value but leave them still hungry for a bit more.


Hunger Is A Great Motivator

A lot of sales and marketing is that way. Nothing sharpens the appetite like a little hunger. Good presenters know that and always leave people wanting just a little more and a bit curious as to what is coming next. No one is going to complain when you get value for your money and that little bit of hunger is going to keep people coming back for more. 

Till Next Time….

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