Tackling The Fear of Success

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 6 ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Success

It is important to look at some of the root causes of this fear that seems counterintuitive in our world where one is heavily judged by the degree of success that one achieves. It would seem on the surface as though success would be much sought after, and considered very desirable, but in some cases that just isn’t true. Why not? Let’s look deeper.

Success comes with a certain price, and for some that price is just too high. Success often dictates that things cannot stay as they once were, it is one of the realities of life. This means that change is inevitable, and it is that change that is the root cause of the fear of success in almost all instances. To avoid the discomfort of change, people will come up with a myriad of strategies whose main goal is to prevent success from occurring. This can include entering into business deals sure to fail, partnering up with dishonest people and self sabotage.




To overcome your fear of success, you need to learn to stop sabotaging your relationships, career, and life goals. I am going to list 6 ways to counteract and overcome your fear of success.

6 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success

You may always feel fear of success or fear of failure, but that doesn’t mean you’re paralyzed. These tips won’t make fear disappear – they’re practical steps to success.

1. Figure out why you’re sabotaging your goals. This isn’t as hard as you might think. Look at what you do and keep track of your feelings and your results. Be brutally honest with yourself. It will pay off.

2. Be prepared. When you don’t leave yourself enough time to be able to adequately do a task, then that can be the first sign that you are setting yourself up for failure.  By preparing you are subconsciously taking away your reasons for failure.

3. Realize that failures are part of the success process. Every great success has only come about as the resultsuccess1 of a great many failures. Get to the point where you equate failures as necessary steps to success.

4. Be scared. Scare yourself right into success. Everyone is scared. It isn’t a big deal and you sure as heck aren’t alone in your fears. It is a very normal reaction. The trick is to overcome the fear a bit at a time by just doing it. Remember fear is always in the future. There is no fear in the present.

5. Compete against yourself.  – It is only a one horse race. It does not matter what they are doing, and that shouldn’t have any impact on you. If you compete with yourself (and I do mean truly compete) then you will have more than enough incentive to do well. Remember that creativity is seldom borne out of jealousy, envy and competition.

6. See yourself and your skill set as flexible and dynamic.  If you believe that you have a fixed skill set, then you are more likely to question your success, and think of it as fleeting once there are demands for changes that you cannot provide. To overcome a fear of success, think of your skills as changeable and flexible.

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2 Responses to “Tackling The Fear of Success”

  1. Grace Tang Says:

    This quite interesting, I was trying to figure out where my fear was coming from. But looking on your perspective I can where to narrow it down, so I can work on it. I was thinking of writing " my fear".


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Grace, good idea. And maybe just keep writing down more things, and more things, to get down to the root cause of your fear.



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