Taking Ownership And Being Responsible

Why Taking Ownership Matters

What Does Taking Ownership Mean?

There are two ways to look at events that have occurred in your life. And for that matter, even events that are unfolding as we speak and those that have yet to occur. Just as there are two sides (or more) to every argument, there are two sides when it comes to taking ownership of past events or things that have occurred in our lives.

 taking ownership

We can all agree that stuff (s**t) is gonna happen. And, if you have lived any amount of life at all, then you have experienced ‘stuff’. But it is how we react to this ‘stuff’ that is the critical point. It can be a learning experience or if you so choose, it can be a crushing blow from which you never recover. I haven’t lived enough life yet to qualify as a senior citizen, but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday either and I can personally say that I have seen some pretty good highs and some pretty deep lows.

Are You Taking Ownership Of Your ‘Stuff’?

responsibleWe all have, so no, you aren’t unique or alone in the respect that you have had some ‘stuff’ happen in your life. But here is the kicker. Can you take ownership of that ‘stuff’? One way is to look at it from the view point of a victim. I was a victim of a crime, a circumstance, a cruel quirk of fate, something over which I had no control. Sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it. I think it’s the default setting for humans. That’s why we can sue fast food places for making us fat, airlines for crashing, our neighbour when his tree falls on our garden shed. Because it’s oh, so easy, to blame someone else.

It’s not very empowering is it?

And I know that now you’re thinking to yourself that this person has no idea, no way of knowing what you have been through. And you’re right. However, I would encourage you to do this:

Take the top three worst events of your life and look at them very closely. Instead of looking at them from the view of the victim, look at them from the viewpoint of being responsible.

By taking ownership, you are putting yourself back in charge. You are empowering yourself and even though the result of the events won’t change, you are in a much stronger position. While you can’t change the event, you can change the meaning that you associate with the event.

Just because you have been through a divorce, a bankruptcy, a personal attack or a natural disaster doesn’t make you amoving on bad person. Nor does it make you a weak person. When you come from the position of responsible (taking ownership), you ensure that the event does not define you are as a person. Nor should it. Events are events. If we allow them to define who we are we are cheating ourselves. It wouldn’t be right to have an entire life ruined as a result of one bad event.

Things do happen. We must accept that and move on. I’m not asking you to forget. Just put it in perspective and realize that there are people both more, and less fortunate than you are.

The only person responsible for your happiness is you. Are you taking ownership?

Let me know if you have had an event that you have had to put behind you, and how you were able to do that. And no, no one needs to know what the event was.

Till Next Time

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