Who Is My Target Market?

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 Selecting Your Target Market

This post was first published last year. It has real value for today as we get closer to camping season and summer. I am using camping as an example of my target market, but pay close attention to how to define your target market and how to approach them in a way that pretty much guarantees success.

How To Find Your Target Market

target market

Almost everyone gives you the same advice on this topic. Find something you like, something you can talk about for hours, something that drives you. That will be your target market. Fair enough, but I think there is more to it than that. Sure it’s a fast, glib answer that holds some truth in it, but I think there always is, within that general answer, a purer, more defined laser answer. When you can put your finger on that, then you have something that will take you to places you can only previously dream of. Let me explain.

Scamper, Scamper Little Camper

When you’re asked what you are passionate about, and you answer that you love camping and you could talk about it for hours and gladly write about it and can’t wait to do it again, most of the pundits would say aha, that’s it then. Obviously you love camping, so your target market should be campers or people who love the great outdoors. I’m going to say whoa, not so fast.  Let’s have a closer look and drill down to see why you love camping.  

Tents, Trees and Togetherness

It could be a multitude of reasons, the solitude of the woods, the clarity of the stars at night, the wood smoke in the early morning. For our daughter Maddy, it is being able to sleep in a tent. She loves being able to feel the cool air, hear the birds and listen to the sound of the river running past. The point that I am making is that there are feelings (read emotions) associated with an experience. Camping can bring up feelings of freedom, solitude, and kinship with our fellow man. It can remove tension and soothe the soul. It’s those feelings that are really the drivers behind the experience.

Emotional Targeting

emotional targetingWhen you speak directly to someone’s feelings (target their emotions), then you are talking to the decision making part of their brain. People make decisions and purchases based on emotions. When you talk to me about camping I can be fairly enthusiastic, but if you talk to me about the smell of bacon around a campfire in the early morning, well, you have me hooked. I will be asking specific questions about where we are going and when. You have already sold me.

Emotion + Emotion +Emotion=Experience

It is no different with any other experience, whether it be surfing in Hawaii or shooting turkeys in Texas, or dining out in New Orleans. It could be building houses in Guatamala, teaching children in kindergarten or growing prize gladiolas. You just need to find out what people are passionate about, and then find out what are the emotions that make that experience so desirable. The emotions are your target, and what we are writing to and appealing to when we talk about target marketing. The best experiences are those that are charged with emotion. Discover how to create the emotion and bam, you’ve got a sale.

Till Next Time….

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