Zero In On Your Target

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 Pick Your Target Carefully

Guest post by Archie McNab

Never Lose Sight Of Your Target

When I was duck hunting the other day I was thinking about marketing and sales, and the similarity that there is to duck hunting. I have often heard the analogy to fishing, but haven’t heard hunting used to illustrate the point. In some ways, hunting for ducks might even make a better analogy especially when it comes to target marketing.

Just as in marketing, you first have to know where to go to find ducks or prospects. There is no point in standing in an empty field gazing skywards waiting for your targets to fly by. It ain’t gonna happen. And odds are, those that do are going to avoid you entirely. Just like prospects do when you simply stand there. You have to go to where the ducks (and prospects) are likely to go, and find a good place to encounter them. Say a duck blind. Or an inviting website. With ducks its pretty simple – be close to a desirable food supply. WIth prospects it a tad more complex – you need to figure out what they are wanting and give it to them.

Just as in duck hunting, patience and observation are key attributes in searching for your target. You need to learn the patterns of your target, and what they are likely to do, so that you are ready for them when they arrive. In both instances, you have to make where you are at as desirable for them as possible. There is a world of difference between just being in the right place and being the right thing. Location is only part of the solution, you still have to be offering something that your target wants.


Ducks and prospects both have striking similarities. Both can arrive singly, in pairs or in a great flock. They can show up at a distance, or they may come unannounced taking you by surprise. You have to be prepared. When a flock appears, and moves into range, it doesn’t work to just target the whole flock at once. Just as in marketing to prospects you need to focus on them one at a time. If you don’t, you run the risk of just shooting in the air with no particular aim and seeing what you get. Quite similar to putting all your money on red in Monte Carlo and letting it ride. You might get something and you might not. It makes much more sense to carefully pick your target and wait till they are well in range before taking your shot. It pays to be selective in your target, especially when there are lots to chose from.

In fact, the more prospects and ducks you have to choose from the more selective you can be. Pick only the very best ones as your targets and not just the ones that are closest or most convenient. Make the most of your opportunities, because you can never be certain about what tomorrow brings, either in the way of prospects or in ducks. Good luck and happy hunting!

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2 Responses to “Zero In On Your Target”

  1. Peng Teo Says:

    I love your anology. Last month I wrote about selecting NWM through Mistletoe Anology at I have a question Sigrid, while ducks are in the air, a distance, how do you know which one to pick to target?


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Teo, good question…



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