Tell Me A Story, Storyteller

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Tell Me A Story, Storyteller

Facts Tell, A Story Will Sell


There is no doubt that the above statement is true. Just look at the sales of fiction vs. non-fiction books. In fact if you look closer at the top selling non-fiction books you will find them rife with stories. Welcome to the fourth part of the feature blogpost “Five Sure-fire Ways To Sell” based on Dan Kennedy’s book ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales. Check through the earlier posts on Money Selling, Appealing to Ego and Intimidation so that you too, can become a master of sales, no matter what field you are in.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Bible, always pointed at as the greatest ‘seller’ of all time, is often referred to as the ‘greatest story ever told’. While we could discuss for days the accuracy and the massaging of the truth, there is no way to avoid the inescapable truth that much of its appeal is due to the stories contained within it. Those are the kinds of stories that remain imprinted on impressionable young minds for a lifetime.

Twilight vs. Harry Potter, Story Time


As we mature we tend to look more at stories for entertainment and then follow our favourites from the printed version to the big screen. You need look no further than the most recent serials of ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ to see the huge drawing power of a good storyteller. A long time ago marketers and sales people discovered that they could capture our attention and our wallets as well as our hearts through the use of stories. It seems as though everyone loves a good story.

Poor & Oppressed Boy Becomes Exalted King

One of our timeless favourites is the rags to riches story. That inspires all of us on several different levels by having us believe that we too, can turn our fortunes and drive the car, get the girl, and sail off on that yacht if we just purchase this one product that reveals all the secrets of trillionaire Harold T. Hornswaggler. It even makes us believe that the world is a fair and just place and that hard work can still win out over all odds for us too. Notice how we are always involved.

Seller of a 100 Million Books (True Story)

It’s the ‘us too’ part of stories that we find so endearing. Good writers can put you there. I have long said that the reason that I found Stephen King to be such a great writer is because I feel as though I am in the corner of the house watching the story unfold before my very eyes. I am on the hot and dusty road, in the corner of the bar, alone in the dark or feeling the terror. He is a complete writer, appealing to all our senses and describing the scene so well we feel part of it.

Do Some Reading, Then Some Storytelling

Read some good fiction and then use some of their techniques to create a story about yourself and your products, or about anyone at all that has used your products. It’s the human interest part of our story that does the selling, so work on that. Read other peoples stories and notice what it was that caught your attention. What was it that kept your interest? What provided the hook for you? Master that and you will have mastered sales. Either that or you’re on your way  to a best seller.

Make sure you join me back here for the final chapter in this series when I will talk about the Wonders Of the Whacky Warrantee and why it can propel your sales through the roof.

Till Next Time….

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