The 18 Benefits of Network Marketing…Compared to Other Ways of Creating Income

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The 18 Benefits of Network Marketing…Compared to Other Ways of Creating Income


Today I wanted to take a quick peek at the list of features that network marketing possesses according to the list given in the book, ‘ How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends! (Selling from the Soul. Ancient Wisdoms. Modern Practice) written by Michael Oliver.  What I’ve done is to tweak the features into being benefits that can be derived by participating. Can you think of many others yourself or view them in your own personal set of circumstances?



1. Because it’s Monday you get to pick up the boss’ mom and take her to lunch down on the seawall.  If she asks when you have to be back at work you can smile and say, ‘I have to check with the boss.’ Then ask yourself if it would be ok if you spent the rest of the afternoon shopping with your mom.  Well, what are you going to do? Fire yourself? 

2. You’re down at the bank depositing money so often that the manager knows you by your first name. 

3. Out of all your friends, you’re the only one that can make it to all your kids school functions, their dance and guitar lessons and still take them camping on weekends.

4. You were able to get started in your business for less than Cousin Eddie spends on dog food in a month and just slightly more than your car insurance premium. 

5. You had planned on working all morning on your business but a good friend going through a tough time needed to have a cup of tea and a talk. You move your work time up to the afternoon. 

6. Because you work alone, you didn’t have to call your boss or check in with your manger before deciding to pop down to the corner grocery and buy her a cheer-up bouquet. 

7. Business has gone so well in the past year that you invite your entire team up to your summer cabin on the lake for a weekend of fun.  

8. All the food and drink, even the cost of the gas for your boat and the bait for fishing used that weekend is tax deductible. 

9. At a special meeting on Friday evening one of your mentors presents his ‘insider secrets’ to your team to help them develop even faster. 

 10. Early the next week he calls to thank you for the weekend and then asks if he can assist you or your team in any other way. It’s great to have successful people you can call on for support. 

11. He also has his tech support ‘wizard’ contact you to help streamline your prospect tracking system so you can pass that on to your team as well. 

12. Your neighbor Sally, who also ‘works from home’, wants to know if she can borrow part of your garage to store her growing inventory of painted gumboots. She knows you have lots of room in your garage and surely people are going to start buying the gumboots soon. You decline.

13.  Returning home from an evening out, you notice that the lights are on in Sally’s kitchen. She is sitting at the table with a huge stack of paperwork just like you used to be with your old contracting business.

14. When you call Sally the next morning to see if she wants to come over to have tea, she has to beg off as her opening shift employee decided to not come into work and Sally has to cover for her. You’re glad you don’t have employees anymore.

15. When you turn on your computer and print the weekly activity summary you’re grateful you don’t have all the paperwork to track and file that used to eat up your evenings and weekends.

16.  The company that you have chosen has seen its share value climb as a result of an independent review of its products that placed it at the very top of its industry. You can’t wait to tell your smart-alecky brother that he should have bought in when you told him to.

17. Part of the reason that they remain at the top is that they have been in the business a long time and have a well developed and highly skilled R&D team that keep new products and product refinements coming on-line. You don’t have to convince people of things that ‘just are’.

18.  Because the company is debt free it is in very sound financial shape and there is no danger that one day you will wake up to the chilling news that your product is no longer available. And nor are your cheques.

These are just some of the benefits that you derive from network marketing. There are countless others and personally I believe that the network of friendships that you develop is the greatest benefit of all. We also have the benefit of being aligned with one of the most cost efficient charities in the entire world and it feels good knowing that you can help do some good on this planet.


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8 Responses to “The 18 Benefits of Network Marketing…Compared to Other Ways of Creating Income”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Thanks Sigrid. Keep ’em coming. There are so many benefits to network marketing and affiliate marketing. Time & Freedom :)

    Ginny recently posted…5 Reasons Why Most Fail To Create Money OnlineMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Ginny. Aren’t there!! So hard to choose just one reason…..



  2. Marquel Russell Says:

    Awesome Post, Sigrid!

    Anyone that reads this post, will surely be contacting you seeing how that can get involved because this article definitely reveals the “Benefits of the Benefits” of this industry. Keep up the great work!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Marquel. Everyone gets involved for our own unique and different reason(s). Mine was to spend more time with my beautiful family!



  3. Bill Solano Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    These are a great benefits of being involved with network marketing. I really appreciate the one concerning being able to spend time with my kids. I truly love that about my lifestyle.

    Bill Solano recently posted…Google AdWords – Is it Right for Your Business?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Me too Bill. Being able to spend time with them and go to their special events is so awesome. They grow up too fast!



  4. Kyle Schmitt Says:

    Great post! I totally agree with the benefits you have listed above. The part that had the largest impact on me was about being your own boss WITHOUT having piles of paperwork and a garage full of product. That is exactly why I got into network marketing in the first place.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks For sharing Kyle. One of parts that had the biggest impact on me was being able to schedule my own time. No more asking my boss for time off for an emergency or for going to my kids events, which meant so much to them!



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