The 3 Goals Of Network Marketing

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 The 3 Goals Of Network Marketing


Dazed and Confused

When we first start in this business it all seems a little overwhelming unless you have a very wise and sage sponsor who knows how to expose you to just the right amount of it at a time to give you time to digest it. That isn’t the norm, sadly enough. Too often we are sponsored by people (and I count myself in this group as well) who don’t have the ability to teach and coach at the level required to comfortably introduce people to this business. Instead of a controlled flow of information we often overload and can leave people dazed and confused in the process.


Jenny Craig? Help!

Sometimes we misinterpret the confusion as indecision and we add more, by talking about conventions, product values, glorious trips, compensation plans and recruitment incentives. What we’ve done then is the equivalent of coming up to someone with an overflowing plate at a buffet and load the table around them with more entrees and more desserts, more food than they could consume in a week. No wonder they lose interest and their appetite. It’s better to keep the meal simple, yet delicious and something that they can see that they could cook themselves to feed to others. It has to be basic. And this business is.



According to a message that I read from my good friend David Wood there are really only three goals of Network Marketing. That’s all. Three goals. Not twenty seven or fifty three. Just three. As I read through them, I thought, you know, he’s got a point. It really isn’t more complicated than that. Of course, you can make the process of achieving the goals as complex as you wish, that’s your option, but I have to admit that the quickest way to a goal is often attained by following the simplest plan.


Toro, Toro, Toro

Imagine you are walking across a pasture and halfway across when the proverbial bull hoves into sight. He looks pretty unhappy too about your presence and judging by the pawing of the ground and the snorting you had better devise a plan fast. And if I may, it should be an effective one. Now you could whip out your cell phone and see if you could charter a helicopter to lift you out or text a friend of yours who spends weekends playing matador to drop by and sharpen his skills, and while those may be fine plans, they are unlikely to be timely. What the situation calls for here is some fleet footwork and maybe a bull with marginal eyesight. With a simple plan in mind let’s take a look at the….


Three Goals Of Network Marketing

1. To sell the products or services that your company offers.  He suggests adding marketing tools to this as well and fine, if your company encourages that. The company I am with doesn’t and they provide all marketing tools at cost and would be mightily upset if I was to try to build in a profit for myself by reselling them. 

2. To recruit others to do the same. Seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it? After all, that is the business that we are in. 

3. To help your team do the same.  Again this is very intuitive. If you aren’t committed to doing this, and astonishingly, not all leaders are, then you will certainly limit yourself and your success. On so many levels this is the most important of the three goals but you cannot have a team unless you can effectively achieve both of the other two goals 

4. I would propose that there is a fourth goal as well. That is to help your team recruit others to do the same. As J. D. Rockefeller said, I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of the efforts of one man. Now that’s a quote I cannot agree with more. There is power in numbers. Real power. 

 Till Next Time… 

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2 Responses to “The 3 Goals Of Network Marketing”

  1. Akos Fintor Says:

    Hey Sigrid,

    I would agree with those 3 objectives of a network marketing business that you and David Wood is sharing with us here.
    I think goal no. 3 is including No. 4 as well.

    great post!

    thanks for the share!



    Anonymous Reply:

    You are so welcome Akos. Thanks so much for stopping by…..



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