The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Four)

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The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Four)



This is the fourth post in the series based on the writings in Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think & Grow Rich. If you haven’t read the earlier posts you can catch up on them after you have read through these. Though this book was first published in 1937 and some of its language may be a tad dated the messages are timeless and just a valid today as ever. One of those books that you can read over and over. Just a paragraph or two is often enough to give me lots to think about and act on for the day. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is definitely an action book.


18. Wrong Field of Endeavor

Can you imagine where the world would be today if Abraham Lincoln had remained a store clerk, John Lennon a writer for a small paper or Albert Einstein a patent clerk. To be in the wrong vocation is akin to swimming in concrete shoes. It just won’t work and failure is all but assured. To be a success, pick something that you are passionate about and pursue that. When we are passionate we don’t have to watch the clock or dread getting up early. I love to help others, so in order to satisfy my passion, I use network marketing as a means of building relationships and teaching/learning.


19. Lack of Concentration of Effort

This is a real killer or at the very least a way to stifle success. If you’re at all like me, and a random thinker, this is a lot tougher than it seems. I have to work on my focus all the time or I can easily get off course and begin to find all sorts of things that eat up my productive time. Having structure helps to a point but if it’s too rigid then my mind rebels against it and it’s a bit of a downward slide after that. What does work well is for me to establish a short list of daily goals and once they are accomplished reward myself with something that I like to do, usually reading about whatever fascinates me on a particular day. Focus is crucial to any business and too much dilution away from core values and goals has been the bane of many good businesses.


20. Indiscriminate Spending

How could any business, or an individual survive if there were no spending controls? The truth is they can’t, not for a prolonged period of time. It is a fine line between investing in your business and just buying efficiency. And it’s difficult to know what is essential and what is merely frivolous. This is where a mentor or an advisor really is worth their weight in gold. Peer groups and research are two other ways of accumulating the information you need to make wise buying decisions. Every business will make investments that don’t always pan out. Get used to it, analyze the results, determine how to avoid it in the future and move on. Dwelling on negatives and self-flagellation are best left to obscure religious groups and really don’t have a place in a successful business. If you literally cannot contain yourself in making purchases, hire or find someone who can.


21. Lack of Enthusiasm

Everyone loves to be around an enthusiastic person as long as they aren’t over the top about it. Everyone is less than comfortable around a fanatic, so some temperance is suggested especially when dealing with some cultures that frown upon loud outbursts or constant glad handing and back slapping. Enthusiasm is one of the keys to being convincing,  and if it’s missing a potential client or customer will wonder why and then move along to someone who has it. People are attracted to positive people and it’s almost impossible to be positive and not be enthusiastic.


22. Intolerance

There have been people who have been successful in business who have been quite intolerant on a personal level. However, I would humbly suggest that they haven’t been successful in all aspects of their life, simply because their business did well. It is impossible for a being to be healthy and have a blight or decay in one portion of the whole. Intolerance and discrimination are really diseases that should be avoided the same as dishonesty and negativity. Being intolerant is a sure sign that one has quit learning and accumulating knowledge and instead has chosen to stagnate or to remain ignorant on a particular subject. Intolerance can be directed against religions, races or even against ideas. Being open to learning is the best way to counter-act this. At one time intolerance was supported if not actively encouraged, fortunately those times are now pretty much in the rear view mirror of history.

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”   Napoleon Hill

Be sure to check back in as we continue counterattacking the 31 Top Threats to Business Success.


Till Next Time…


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10 Responses to “The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Four)”

  1. Damayanthi Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    Excellent post.

    Lack of Concentration of Effort is a major obstacle that prevent many from achieving desired results.

    This is it, just as you said >> “Focus is crucial to any business and too much dilution away from core values and goals has been the bane of many good businesses.”

    I’ve heard that FOCUS mean ->> Follow One Course Until Successful

    Thanks for sharing your notes from this greatest book.

    Damayanthi recently posted…List Building – The Time Is NOWMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Damayanthi, I appreciate the acronym for FOCUS. The importance of focus cannot be overemphasized, especially in small business. For success depends on the actions of a few key individuals.



  2. Michelle DeMarco Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite books of all time! I love how you are breaking down the key points!! This is so helpful to remind us of what we need to do to achieve success. Awesome post!! Thanks!
    Michelle DeMarco recently posted…Are You Nuts?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Mine too Michelle! I have read it over and over and always come back with a different nugget each time…



  3. CEZAR Says:

    Hi Sigrid – Definitely a great book. I’ve read it more times than I can remember while commuting to and from work years ago!

    I love how you bring up what the world would’ve been like if some of the greatest people on our planet remained in their formative incarnations. Actually it’s crazy to think of that!

    Great post as usual. Thanks for listing out everything for all of us!



    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks for your comment Cezar. It’s always intriguing to see what people ended up doing…as opposed to where they started from.



  4. joel pashkin Says:

    “How could any business, or an individual survive if there were no spending controls” Great stuff here. Very good advice throughout.
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life After Retirement ContinuedMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks very much Joel. You are right, a business without spending controls is a busniess flirting with disaster.



  5. Marquel Russell Says:

    Great Article, Sigrid!

    People being in the Wrong Field of Endeavor is deadly!! So many people do things just to make money instead of following their passion. If we focus more on living passionate lives and discovering ways to add value through our passion, the money will come by default! I love this article!! Thanks for sharing!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Marquel. Adding value by following our passion is so important. So often in our lives we just settle.



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