The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Two)

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The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Two)


Based On The Writings Of Napoleon Hill

This is the second post in the series, The 31 Major Causes Of Failure (Part Two) based on the writings in Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. In the first series we covered lineage, lack of purpose, lack of desire, insufficient education and lack of self discipline.


6. Poor Health

There is a dramatic difference between what I refer to as hereditary poor health and self-inflicted causes of poor health. Hereditary indicates that you don’t have as much control over the ravages of poor health and it’s less of a personal lifestyle result. Self-inflicted is pretty much just that. I put smoking, excessive eating and drinking, drug use and high risk behaviours such as unprotected sex and extreme sports in there. Irrespective of the actions, the end result is the same and compromised health will take you away from your goal of success and plunk you squarely in the path of failure. Poor health robs us of clear thinking and focus, both for the task at hand and the long –term goal we have.


7. Unfavourble environmental influences during our childhood.

Hill’s comment, popular at the time, sums this up very well… ‘As the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow.’ My dad was fond of saying that ‘if you sleep with the pigs you will soon smell like one.’ There is power in association and if you are born into strife and struggle it’s difficult to see much beyond the point that you’re currently at.  Hill believed that criminal tendencies were developed through bad environment and improper associates during our formative years.


8. Lack of Persistence

Once again I get the distinct impression that Mr. Hill was speaking directly to me but apparently I am not alone in this failing. I have to admit that I am a terrific starter of all sorts of things but not always a good finisher.  That is slowly changing and it takes focus and dedication to make that switch. It isn’t always easy, but I can assure you that the satisfaction and peace of mind from completing a task or achieving a goal makes it so worthwhile. It is even more challenging when you suffer a failure or a setback and that is when you have to reach deep and carry on. Every great accomplishment has always at one time been met with bitter defeat on some level but persevered and triumphed. Failure cannot cope with dogged determination.


9. Negative Personality

One cannot possibly be considered a success if people turn away from you because your basic personality is negative. People are drawn to the positive as I wrote about in ‘Good People Aren’t Hard To Find’ and they shun the negative. Have you ever been in the presence of a truly negative person? Remember how you felt and how you couldn’t wait to not only turn away,  but leave the area they were in? How could such a person possibly create a successful enterprise without some degree of cooperation from others and how could that occur when they drive others away?


10. Lack of Control of Sexual Urge

Given the era that Napoleon Hill wrote ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in, he deserves kudos for having the intestinal fortitude for including this one. As he correctly points out sexual energy is the most powerful of all the stimuli that move people into action. Hollywood and Madison Avenue have known this forever it seems and have made fortunes exploiting this fact. If it isn’t controlled, the results can be disastrous. Look at the historical results of Samson, Cleopatra, Henry VIII, and more recently, King Edward, Gary Hart and Bill Clinton.


11. Uncontrolled Desire of “Something For Nothing”

This is now so prevalent in today’s society it could be a hit reality show. This ‘gambling instinct’ is what fuels the lottery industry and keeps Vegas, Macao and Atlantic City hopping. When this thinking is transferred to the business realm you have people who run from one opportunity to the next like puppies in a park, in pursuit of the dream of doing little and receiving lots. The Universe doesn’t work that way and that is why you will see the same desperate greed on the faces of those caught in this game,  whether it’s the derivative resellers on Wall St or Joe and Wanda at the Gas N’ Go buying PowerBall tickets.


Ok we are on a roll here,  so be sure to check back in for the next installment of ‘Napoleon Hill’s 31 Major Causes Of Failure’.


Till Next Time… 


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