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The Business Professional’s Blog


Why We Are Here

I know why you’re here. I’m here for the same reason. Like you, I’ve been a business professional for years and like you I know it’s time to make some changes. Perhaps just like me, you too don’t have many options left. Or much time. Even if you are only looking for change or sensing it’s time for change we can help each other through the minefield. You listen for clicks and I will watch for wires. Careful now!


Take the Next Exit



I’ve just started down this road and already I’ve had to ask for help. You see,  I wanted to find a way to make some money, ok, quite a lot of money because I have big dreams and big goals and I want to help a lot of people. And as I said before, time is short…always too short. I am copying the lead of others who have travelled the same road as you and I. Other business professionals who’s careers were cut short or terminated through the circumstances we are living in. They too had to make a change.


Drinking and Driving? Noo!

You see,  we all have many things in common. And I believe the potential to utilize the same solution. For me, part of that solution is through the use of a blog. Now between you and I what I know about blogging wouldn’t fill a shot glass. Actually wouldn’t have filled a shot glass a few short weeks ago but things are in motion. A lot of motion. I’m the type of person that is solution driven and I bet you are too. If you weren’t why would you be on the site? Don’t worry, I am going to make it well worth your while.


The Baron of The Blog

I needed help so I turned to the maestro of blogging, Ray Higdon. Ray is an ex- real estate investor kind of person  (much like myself) who needed to find a way back from the brink of oblivion when his investments went south. He’s only been at it a few years and to say that he is killing it would be a gross understatement. He is kicking _ _ _ and taking names. Seriously, he is the most respected name in network blogging circles and a terrific teacher.


Why I Left The Road

So yes, I signed up and took his training at ProBlogAcademy because I was blog-challenged.  You know what Ray said?  It’s easy. Sure it is Ray, you’ve been doing it forever.  But I know nothing about it. Not a problem he assured me and you know what I found out was really the truth? It isn’t a problem. And it is easy. And fun. And I’m helping people. I remember how that was always on your list of things to do once you were successful…to help other people. I can see why you wanted to do that. It’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done.


Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Better

No I’m not Superman, or Super-Blogger – well not yet. Still,  this post marks the 24th  daily blogpost in a row. Not too shabby for someone with limited skills. I still have lots to learn, but I have learned a tremendous amount in the last few weeks. The point that I am making to you, my good friend,  is that If I can do it, you can do it. I mean that sincerely. And it beats the hell out of every other opportunity that I have looked at and I have looked at many. They either take too much upfront or it takes years and years and years or they have no track record, or no reliable system that the novice can follow right away. I’m putting my energy,  time and resources into making this fly and I will let you know how it goes. 


Car Shopping

Now on the other hand, if you truly are like me and are looking at different vehicles to get you back to where you once where (or beyond) then you should add this to the list of things to kick the tires on. Just compare the list of what’s required to the list of skills that you already possess and have honed over years of practice. I’m going to just jot down a few that are common to both lists. You tell me if you think I am wrong. Make a comment, drop me a line or retweet me and let me know how you feel about it.

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Creativity
  • System Building
  • Dynamic
  • Being Real
  • Consistent and Persistent
  • Innovative
  • Consummate  Student
  • Teacher/Mentor
  • giving value

That’s a very incomplete list but it gives you an idea of why blogging is so powerful especially in the hands of people who have experience in this business. It’s marketing on steroids at a fraction of the cost of the traditional business model that we have seen dwindle away over time.

Till Next Time…


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