The Danger Of Playing The Waiting Game

Why Playing The Waiting Game Is A Losing Proposition

You’ve all heard the old expression that ‘I’m playing the waiting game.’ It’s frequently used when a person feels unable to change a circumstance or a situation that they are not very happy with. But for whatever reason they feel that initiating action on it will either be very costly or not advisable because of potential negative outcomes. All that being said though, I have a question for you.

You Don’t Have Enough Time To Be Playing The Waiting Game


Have you ever heard of someone who won while playing the waiting game?

playing the waiting gameI mean c’mon, it must happen, how else could you explain the popularity of playing the waiting game? However, I’m afraid that the sad reality is that there are many times more losers than there are winners at this game.  Waiting wouldn’t be so bad, in and of itself, but it is the passage of time that really ups the ante.

You see, while you are waiting for the perfect moment to propose, that perfect pitch to be thrown to you, your dream soul mate to appear, the meter is running. And running flat out as only time can. In the time it takes for you to decide whether or not this person or that situation is perfect, that moment is past and it cannot be retrieved.

There is never going to be a ‘perfect’ time or a ‘perfect place’, but there are a ton that are pretty darn fine, and I am suggesting that you take up with one of them and give it your very best shot.

How To Win By Not Playing The Waiting Game

My parents bought a piece of Arizona desert when I was in my late teens, and we began making annual trips down thereArizona in the winter time. Once us kids had graduated from high school, Mom and Dad would go down and spend a chunk of the winter staying in a small cabin that they had built on the property. I recall Mom talking to me about it years later and she said that as poor farmers they couldn’t really afford a place even out in the middle of the desert, but at the same time they couldn’t afford not to buy it. She knew that while they would be waiting and saving for the ‘perfect time’, time itself would be slipping by.

Over the years that they spent down there, Mom said she saw hundreds of people come and go and the unfortunate recurring theme was that by and large, they waited ten years too long before deciding to move to Arizona, and by that time one or the other of the couples health would often begin to fail. Playing the waiting game was too costly for them. The price they paid was regret, regret they hadn’t put themselves first instead of all the other distractions that come with life.

The best time to act on an idea is NOW!

The best time to talk to that guy or girl you like is NOW!

The best time to begin to plan your retirement is NOW!


Yesterday would have been better, but today is infinitely better than tomorrow.

Don’t play the waiting game and trade in all your todays for a tomorrow. It’s a high risk, low return game that seldom pays off

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