The Essence Of ‘Think And Grow Rich’


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The Essence Of ‘Think And Grow Rich’

The Think And Grow Rich Legacy

Napoleon Hill wrote his famed book Think and Grow Rich over a twenty year span after interviewing dozens and dozens of the top industrialists and most successful businessmen of his era. He did so at the behest of Andrew Carnegie, a hard working shrewd Scot that emigrated to the US and created a steel company that became the foundation of US Steel. Upon his retirement, he sold the steel company to J.P. Morgan for 400 million dollars, thus becoming the richest man in the world. In a testament to legacy of his company, I recall seeing steel railway rails stamped with Carnegie Steel dated 1871 only a few years ago. Those rails are still in use today.

1. How Think And Grow Rich Was Created

It is no wonder that Napoleon Hill looked up to this great philanthropist and wanted to know what his secret or secrets were. It has to have been an incredible opportunity for this inquiring young mind to undertake, going to interview all of the czars of American business of the day. Can you imagine how Hill must have felt being in the presence of such men as he did his research for ‘Think And Grow Rich’? And yet, as Hill discovered, by and large they were mere mortals and more than willing to share the principles which had guided them to great riches. With Hill’s collection and collation of these principles, it is possible for you and I to produce success in any avenue that we choose.

2.The Think And Grow Rich Secret

It does not matter if we wish to produce the finest product, the sweetest music or the most money in the entire world, the same principles apply. The amazing thing is that all of these principles will mean nothing if we cannot attain the most simple fundamental of Hill’s writings. As Napoleon Hill himself writes, “we rise to high positions or remain at the bottom because of conditions we can control if we desire to control them.” It is CRITICAL to note that if we want success, we must learn to control them.

3.Decide To Think And Grow Rich

Think critically of the conditions in your life (some people would label them limitations) and look closely at how you can effect control over them to allow you to move towards your goal. Don’t bemoan your fate of being ‘trapped’ in a job, relationship or set of circumstances. The Eagles sang “So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.” The ‘key’ is found in Hill’s words to choose to control the conditions that we are living and working in. Thinking & growing rich is inevitable if we decide that is what we want. After all, just like spoiled children, we always get what we want, if we want it bad enough.

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