The Fear of Ill Health

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The Fear of Ill Health


But I Eat Healthy…Don’t I?

Ill Health is the Third Face of Old Man Fear.  Most of us believe that we eat pretty healthy and yet, at the same time, most of us believe that there are things that we do and things that we eat and drink that aren’t all that healthy for us either.  If there are things that we ingest that aren’t healthy, then our brain begins to play a little game with us. It has the ability to control our health to such a degree that some would argue that it can manifest symptoms of disease or even disease itself. The term ‘worry yourself to death’ is actually rooted in reality and accurately reflects the influence that our thinking has on our health.


And I Don’t Do Things That Put My Health At Risk Do I?

To counteract the fear of ill health and injury we tend to modify our lifestyles. If you don’t think that is true, think about the things that you won’t do or are reluctant to do. Then there are the high risk behaviours that can lead to poor health, injury or death. Skydiving and paragliding are two of the more well known ones but there is also drug and alcohol stimulation, over eating, unprotected sex and smoking. That list could go on and on. The point being, that our concern for our health will cause us to avoid these types of activities. If we undertake them it places us on notice that we can expect some form of payback in the days to come.


Our Health…A Trillion Dollar Industry

To see the importance or respect that we place on the Fear Of Ill Health, one need look no further than the burgeoning health and wellness industry. People are consuming vitamins and joining health or health related clubs in record numbers. Driving  through any neighbourhood or even down a country road we will see people walking their dogs, jogging or biking. We are a society consumed by our health and the fear of losing it. If you think this is exclusively a western society phenomenon, just take a look at the amount of money spent by the world-wide population on lotions, potions and foods that will ward off poor health.


Our Health Concerns Are Driven By Fear

It is easy to make the connection between our efforts to stay healthy and our fear of losing our health. The images of the diseased and the terminally ill are etched in our brains and we do not want to be like that. Even our government has gotten into the act and forced tobacco companies to display horribly graphic images of the ravages of cancer on cigarette packages to try to dissuade people from using tobacco. Sadly these images have less power when we are in our youth as we don’t have the same fear of the ill health in our 20’s as we do when we have turned the corner at 50. With few exceptions we don’t like being dependant and we don’t want to have our activities restricted or cut short by poor health. So we eat carrots and broccoli when we might prefer burgers and chocolate chip cookies and we hit the gym when we would rather stay in bed. And it’s all because of a fear. But it is a powerful one.

Ok, I have to go for a run…

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4 Responses to “The Fear of Ill Health”

  1. joel pashkin Says:

    “It is easy to make the connection between our efforts to stay healthy and our fear of losing our health. The images of the diseased and the terminally ill are etched in our brains and we do not want to be like that” very true in my life. Thanks
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life in Retirement – FoodMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Joel, those pictures of the diseased and terminally ill make a huge impact on some people where all the talking in the world will not. Thanks so much for sharing.



  2. Marquel Russell Says:

    Great Article, Sigrid!

    Our Health is Very Important! I would even go as far as saying, “Our Health is Our Wealth!” Ir doesn’t make sense to make a whole lot of money and then spend it all on doctor’s bills etc. Having a Healthy eating and work out regiment on a daily basis is extremely important! Thanks for sharing.

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Marquel. I have heard so many times of people on their deathbed wishing that they had taken better care of their health and that “if only I had just one more day…”



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