The Last 100 Days

Do You Have 100 Days Left?

A short while ago, I had a thought come to me as I was contemplating stopping my work briefly to have a beer with a friend on a warm summer’s evening. I’m sure you’re not too surprised to hear that beer won out over work this time, although that sure isn’t always the case. The thought came to me that I was being petty with my time when I looked at the big picture of life and the moments that make up our lives. I realized that I don’t always look at things in the perspective, and I came up with the 100 days or the 100 times concept.

How 100 Days Can Change Your Outlook

100 days


How differently would I look at things if I realized that I would only be allowed to do this one thing in 100 days or less in my life?


Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it, but let me continue. Over a year ago this friend and I were saying that since I had moved we would have lots of opportunities to sit and have a beer together. And in the past year it has happened twice. At the current rate, it would take 50 years to accumulate the 100 days when we would sit down and have a beer together. Now I have 50 years left because I am younger, and he also doesn’t plan to live to 125 years of age as I do. But you see my point.

Do You Live As Though You Only Had 100 Days To Go?

I decided that those moments are special.

finish lineThere likely aren’t 100 days left like that where we are going to enjoy simple quiet conversation.  It was a sobering thought (no pun intended) to realize that we have our own mortality to consider, and the reality of time being a fleeting, colorless horse.

I wish I could remember the author who wrote a passage on time where he described the concept of time as a horse. How in our youth the horse ran in slow motion almost refusing to change speed at all, then in early adulthood the horse seemed to run at normal speeds. As we approached middle age, it was as though the horse had rounded the clubhouse turn and was headed for home. The speed increased dramatically, and then as we near the finish line of our lives, the horse is going so fast life seems a blur like the background in a high speed photo.

Think about it the next time you are wondering if you should take the time to do something you don’t get to do very often.

Do you have 100 days left? Can you do it 100 more times? Or is it something so precious and rare that it shouldn’t be squandered away or lightly regarded as we go through life?

I’ve got a great fishing story for you tomorrow about that very topic. And it has nothing to do with catching fish. But it was a 100 day moment.  In fact, I’m somewhat saddened to say, it may have been a once in a lifetime moment. I’m just grateful for it and for the lesson that it taught me.

How have you done with your last 100 days? Do you have moments or things that you do when you realize “I won’t be able to do this as many times as I would like”? That perhaps you are down inside your last 100 days as well.


Slip me a comment and share your 100 day moment with us.


Till Next Time

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  1. Colleen Says:

    HI Sigrid,

    This is a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your 100 Day Outlook, it’s inspiring and a super reminder on how short our time is on this planet.



    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you so much for the compliment Colleen.

    Have a super day!

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