The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In Business

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3 Questions You Need To Know The Answers To In Business

Ever get up in the morning after having slept in and feeling like you’re out of sync with the rest of the world? Nothing seems to go exactly as planned. Little things don’t work and they rapidly become annoyances. I have a suggestion for that, and it is one that you should consider before something really important goes sideways or you make a decision that could come back to haunt you. It’s time to take a minute and quiet your mind and ask yourself the 3 questions.

3 QuestionsThese same 3 questions can be used after any event that takes place, not just in business but also in personal affairs, or even in regard to relationships with a customer. Answered correctly and honestly, they can be a fantastic foundation for change in a new and more rewarding direction. Failing to answer them can be very damaging, or at best leave you in the same disjointed state that you are in now.


The 3 Questions You Need To Answer

1. What Worked?

Seems truly simple doesn’t it? And really, it is. Just go back and evaluate any given situation and pull out the little things that helped contribute to a success or a win. Think of it like we are going fishing. All afternoon you are catching fish, one after another, while I just cast and cast and get nothing. How long do you think it will take till I ask you (or surreptitiously try to find out) what you are using for bait? If I change to the same bait as you and still have no luck, I will ask how fast you are retrieving your bait or how deep you are fishing. Eventually I will watch you and try to mimic your actions. I am learning what worked to catch fish so that I too can do it.

It’s exactly the same in business (or any other situation). Break down the successful event (caught a fish) into the small pieces that made it work (used live worms, let bobber drift with current into eddy, yanked hard on first nibble).

2. What Didn’t?

This second of the 3 questions is really just the mirror opposite of the first. And in truth, this is how we really learn life lessons so that we know now what NOT TO DO. If we cast our line right across the creek and into the bushes on the far side, we know not to do that again. If we yank on the line so hard that the hook becomes buried in our own earlobe (like happened to my brother-in-law), we also learn not to do that again. Our best lessons always seem to come from our defeats, so we need to look carefully at our failures to find the lessons that we can take forward with us.

3. What’s Next?

This is by far the most important of the 3 questions that you should be asking yourself in business, and it is the only one failure that truly matters. In business we are all going to experience wins and losses. That is a fact of life. It is what we choose to do with those wins and losses that matter. Will we use them to help make a wise choice in our future direction? To just say ‘Never Again’ is an easy cop-out, and one that should be avoided until we really know what the root cause of the failure was and how to course-correct so that we avoid the obstacle. When we take the answers to our first two questions and look at them carefully,  the answer to the third question is often readily apparent. If it isn’t,  then use your best judgment to select a move and do it. Then subject the results to the same 3 questions. Always be asking the 3 questions. And keep moving forward. The only guaranteed way to fail is to choose to do nothing.

Till Next Time

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8 Responses to “The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In Business”

  1. Nate Leung Says:

    I believe that many people focus too much on doing all these different things to grow their business and they forget to go back and realize what worked and scale up from there. Great post Sigrid!
    Nate Leung recently posted…What’s the Difference Between Body FX Direct and Team Beach Body?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks Nate. Good point. People are attracted to complex solutions that bear questionable results.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In BusinessMy Profile



  2. sherman smith Says:

    This is a great subject Sigrid. A lot of people don’t focus on the first two questions enough. They look at the shiny “object” and go for it, resulting in failure. Figure out the first two questions will definitely give you the right answers to get the results you want. Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith recently posted…Do You Value The Opinions Of Others Above Your Own?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks Sherman, every business component and every business action should be analyzed using those two questions.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The 3 Primary Colors Of Business (Part Two)My Profile



  3. Adam Payne Says:

    Hi Sigrid…Def been guilty of over-complicating stuff in the past and trying to focus on too much. Good advice here.


    Adam Payne recently posted…How Can I Get More YouTube Subscribers?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I’ve been guilty of the same thing a time or two Adam…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The 3 Primary Colors Of Business (Part Two)My Profile



  4. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Doing more of what works is a really rare skill Sigrid…lol…

    Few ask, fewer wait for answers. The few who do succeed online.

    Resist the urge to bail on what is working nicely, if you feel impatient, or greedy, in the moment. Tip 1 will accelerate your success fast, if you use it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How Are You Improving?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I agree Ryan. Patience is a virtue that can’t be over valued or over looked in business.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The 3 Primary Colors Of Business (Part Two)My Profile



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