The Seasonal Effect On Business

What Impact Does A Seasonal Effect Have On Your Business

Most businesses are, to one degree or another, impacted by a seasonal effect. There are exceptions and exemptions but even in the very center of major metropolitan cities, there is a seasonal ebb and flow.

If you don’t think so, just try getting a medical specialist’s appointment or some advice from your hotshot lawyer during the summer months. More chance of getting hot pizza delivered to Santa’s workshop in January.  


seasonal effect


Some businesses are very seasonal, or almost totally seasonally dependent, such as a surfboard or kayak rental business or a ice skate sharpening booth. Ice cream trucks don’t typically prowl winter’s snow covered streets, and you won’t find roasted chestnut vendors on the beach in July either.

The seasonal effect impact is a double edged sword for small single market businesses. Yes, it makes your sales season short and sweet, but it also makes your income season short and sweet as well. It’s hard to reconcile both and make your business what you would like.


How To Deal With Seasonal Effect on Your Business

This leaves the small seasonal business operator a few choices as to how to augment their income. Either they can look for and incorporate ways to extend their season, or they can find alternative complimentary businesses to increase their annual income. 

In almost all cases, there is going to be a certain level of conflict between businesses and their demand on available resources ranging from your time to employees and other assets.

Each business that experiences a seasonal effect will have similar needs, and it is quite common for small businesses to share bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, etc. 

In this way, they are able to realize some significant gains in cost sharing that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Office equipment, office space and buildings are good examples of that, but there are others as well.

How To Combat Seasonal EffectUnless your business is transient and mobile, having a single storefront that can accommodate several seasonal businesses is a wise investment and can help to defray costs in an otherwise ‘off season’. Depending on the business, the seasonal effect may reduce your income earning period to as little as a few weeks per year.


The Most Popular Way To Combat Seasonal Effect

Having to wear two totally different hats as the owner of several, (or more), completely separate and unique businesses can be a tall order for most people. A far more popular approach to dealing with a ‘seasonal effect’ is to look for ways to extend the existing season to keep customers coming through the door.

A surfboard rental shop could branch into renting wetsuits, etc to attract more shoulder season clients. Hotels and resort often offer package deals for the same reason.


The key is to look for ways to get your clients to make purchases outside of their traditional buying season.

It takes some creative thinking and a fair bit of trial and error. This is an area to tread cautiously in and test market before jumping in with both feet. Not all marketing works, so be prepared to go in a different direction if that is what’s required.

Dealing with a seasonal effect on your business in a creative and proactive way will give you the best chance of extending your existing season and utilizing your existing infrastructure.

And most important of all, selling to the same client base that you already have.


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