The Seven Secret Steps Essential For Selling to a Skeptic

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The Seven Secret Steps Essential For Selling to a Skeptic


 Family Feud 

I’m going to start by imagining that you and I are not so dissimilar, insofar as our network marketing experiences have gone. You’ve likely had a go at marketing to your family and maybe you were more fortunate than I. You have a mother that strongly supported you in all your endeavours.  She bought the raffle tickets for the used barbeque and the girl guide cookies, the dusty hardened chocolate bars and the hand rubbed carwash where Jerry swabbed down her mirror paint with a grit laden sham-wow. In short, your mom loved you.  Other members of your family…not so much. They become the biggest skeptics and worse, you have to see them at holiday dinners.


 Snow White and the Seven Steps??

 How about if you were able to turn them into potential allies and enlist them to promote your products with the same fervor and conviction as they had in denying them.  A Fairy Tale? No, no I don’t think so. Not once you follow this article on the Seven Secret Steps and implement what you will learn here.  It’s important to remember that the steps here are just like the steps on a staircase.  You have to follow them in order if you want to reach the landing at the top. If you’re going to jump back and forth then it’s going to be a challenge to get to the top.


1. Being Aware 

Everyone has a different perception of reality and everyone sees the world or any particular problem in a different light or from a slightly different point of view. We cannot assume that we know what this person needs or requires until we are able to sit down and really listen to what they tell you either in words or through actions. We can’t presume to know the answers they will give, much less why they give them.


 2. Connect With The Person 

DO NOT SELL. Find common threads or interests and be as Tim Sales says “interested, not interesting”. Listen to what they are saying and ask your questions based on their answers. We are building rapport, not interrogating them. If they feel that is what is happening they will clam up. No one likes to be sold and we are all very wary these days. Treat them as a friend, or someone that you would really like to know. Our goal is to understand them better. Study them as an actor would study the character of someone he is going to portray. Be present, be in the moment with them.


3. Find Out About Them 

We have questions about them that we would like to have the answers to. Basically it comes down to this: Do we have what they need?  Why would they want to put their faith or trust in us and by extension, our products and opportunities.  Starting off with basic questions is essential and listening to the answers (really listening, rather than stopping as soon as our mind has formed the next question) will give us insight into what causes them pain and what brings them pleasure.  Be genuine with your questions and respect their boundaries. Consider the type of person they are as the question is being formed to avoid intimidation and to make them comfortable. 


4. What Are Their Needs

 We want to find out where they are and where they want to be or where they want to go in order to establish their needs.  Clearly no one is going to tell a stranger what their needs are , so our goal is to not be a stranger and to put them at ease so they will discuss what they truly need and desire. Helping them to attach an emotional value to their needs is of paramount importance. Think about why we react emotionally to our needs and how that motivates us to do things that otherwise we would best avoid or delay.  Again, don’t presume that we have the answer or that they fall into a specific category, and  so should be ‘treated’ a certain way. 


5. The Gap 

Show them the disparity of the position they are in and the place that they want to be.  If they continue doing what they are doing when will they attain their goal? Will they ever attain it? What’s it going to feel like to never have what they need? To always have that unfulfilled eating at the back of their minds. Show them the pain that’s attached to the ‘if only’s’. Paint them the picture of what life will be like if they don’t strive for their dreams, if they don’t act on their wants and desires.


6. Building The Bridge 

Show them how you, your product or your opportunity can help them get to where they want to be. Help them to see how their needs can be met. DO NOT BE SALESY. You are NOT selling at this point. All you are doing is putting down your information like a track layer building a railroad. They get to choose if they want to run their train on it. AND they may not. Be prepared for that and don’t become attached to the outcome.  Respect the rapport you have built and DO NOT SELL. This is the right time to tell stories that clearly show how it has helped others or yourself, but let them draw their own conclusions. All we are doing is creating links between what they want (or need) and what we have to offer.


7. Seal the Deal 

At this point you are offering to help them, in a non-sales type way.  You can show them how the products or opportunities worked for you and the differences it has made in your life or in helping you towards your goals.  Make it very clear that you are willing to coach, motivate, lead and support them as part of your team , but you are leaving that decision up to them. Then LEAVE IT UP TO THEM. Do not cajole, beg, persuade or manipulate. If you do, and you wrangle them into joining you, you have created a situation with a certain tainted outcome. It doesn’t work. Plain and simple. 

Give them your attention the same as before and whether they say yes or no, make sure you check back in with them to connect and keep in touch.  Just like before, listen to what they say and pay attention to what they do.  The right people will HARDLY EVER join up with you just like that.  They will assess the value of you, your product or opportunity and research it till they are comfortable. Then and only then will they say yes, AFTER they have sold themselves.


8. Be Different, Be Real 


In the age of the hard sell – be the one that’s different. People are bombarded day in and day out with all manner of selling to the point where they just tune it out. They will tune you out too if you come across the same way. All that’s required to be unique in today’s world is to actually care about someone.  Be yourself and be real with them.  Remember this very simple tenet. People do business with people that they trust and respect.  I would add that people join the teams of individuals that they trust and respect and feel motivated by.  Sheer charisma and popularity will get you elected, it just won’t keep you in office. The same is true here, you don’t just want to be seen as a solution for people’s needs, you want to BE the solution. 

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