The Star-studded Show That Was Sunfest

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The Star-studded Show That Was Sunfest


Star Gazing

The stars came, shone brightly and went out, one by one to the cheers and whistles of the well watered crowd. The sun was so hot it was almost impossible to sit in the direct sunshine, but as the sun kept sinking lower behind the hills the crowd rushed in to fill up the shade. 



Nothing could stop the star adoration as the crowd really got into it and it was fascinating to watch the performers. The true professionals play to the crowd and keep them involved and when things go just right the crowd responds as though it has one voice. By the time the last performer of the night, Dierks Bentley, came on, the crowd was running on high octane fumes. They cheered, whistled, stomped and sang along, then roared their approval at the end of each song.


Hot Time, Summer In The Country

The hot, hot day did make for a very pleasant evening once the temperature dropped down, but still making it very comfortable for the hundreds and hundreds of girls wearing cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes. Even Dierks had to make a comment about it saying ‘boys, we have to come back. Look at all the eye candy here.’ The hot temperature also allowed for some innovation as several groups of guys put pieces of poly in the backs of their pickup boxes and filled them with water to create instant redneck wading pools, making themselves stars in the process. The dust was watered incessantly, but almost without effect, as it coated everything.



Oh Won’t You Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

No one cared as long as the music was playing and the beer was flowing. Time flowed just like the beer and before we knew it the last performance was wrapped up on Sunday night. Like so many other big name acts it could well be their last time (and for many their first time) on the Island. There are a lot of places to play and although we live in paradise, it’s a long way off the beaten path. We don’t appeal to everyone, certainly not those stars whose main goal at the moment is to make as many dollars as possible while they are popular. We do appeal to the more mature stars no longer chasing the bucks and now able to pick and choose where they want to play. And we thank them for that!


When You Wish Upon A Star

It’s a reverse case of knowing your audience, more akin to knowing your star. It is obvious from the lineup that the organizers of Sunfest have figured this out, and they have supplied their audience with a unique and pleasing blend of aspiring young stars, stars that are in control of their own destiny and stars who may be past their zenith, but still shine brightly just the same. As a member of the audience, a consumer if you will, I’m grateful to all that made it possible. Oh, and for next year? Alan Jackson! See you there!

Till Next Time….


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