The Surprising Number One Way To Make Yourself Feel Good

The Best Way To Make Yourself Feel Good

It’s no surprise that in today’s world it is harder and harder to just feel good about a lot of things, much less feel good about yourself.

With the pressures of a job, children, money stresses and maintaining a home there is very little time to devote to one’s own ego, let alone doing things that would help to make you feel good.

Yet, there is a simple thing that we all can do that will yield compound rates of return in the form of good feelings especially about ourselves.


Making Yourself Feel Good By Making Others Feel Good

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It has long been known that those that help others, whether it’s through a charitable donation or simply helping out a neighbor, results in increased happiness, better health and a longer life span.

But now there is ample evidence to suggest that there is even more good news for those of you that are givers. You’re far less likely to battle depression (a disease that afflicts millions of North Americans each and every year).


Helping Others-The Best Way To Feel Good

A study that examined more than two thousand generally healthy church attendees, scattered across the United States and undertaken by  a University Of Massachusetts Medical School research professor, looked at the benefits of receiving uplifting telephone calls from fellow multiple sclerosis sufferers. 

The research professor, Carolyn Schwartz, was looking for a benefit reaction from those who got the calls, but instead found the ones placing the calls were obtaining a benefit of far greater proportion.

Schwartz found them to be many times happier and far less depressed than their counterparts who hadn’t gone out of their way to help others.  Those findings are consistent with what other researchers have found as well. 

Those who establish a pattern of giving when they are young are far less likely to be depressed even much later into adulthood.

Perhaps that shouldn’t seem such a surprise when you consider that diseases such as depression and even anxiety and stress rely on a high level of focus on oneself. When you are involved in helping others and giving of yourself and your time, there is a lot less opportunity to focus to gaze inward at you and your actions. 


Good feelings generated by compassion, caring and kindness tend to displace a lot of negative emotions and go a long way towards overcoming anxious feelings.


The Do Good, Feel Good Circle

How to feel goodIt is a predictable result when you do good things you will end up feeling good about yourself and your world in general.  The second half of the equation forms the mirror image on the endless feedback loop.

If you feel good you are far more likely to do good things.


When you think back on your own life, you can likely identify times when you were more likely to do good things as a result of feeling good and vice versa.

When you consider that there is a positive physical and mental health benefit to be gained by feeling good, it is easy to conclude that if we do more good things for others, we are really doing good things for ourselves as well.

Do you feel good when you are helping or being of service to others?

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