Things To Be Grateful For

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 Things To Be Grateful For

Why I Am Grateful Today

I just read an article that has upset me to my very core. My initial reaction was total horror.  That was followed by the realization that I am among the luckiest people on the face of the planet.  I don’t know how many people here understand that if you are from North America you are in all likelihood among the top 5% of the world in so many ways. We have freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to do any job that we choose and to attain our education wherever we like. We are allowed to worship whatever religion we like or not. We are truly blessed and I am grateful.  A lot of people fought and died for my rights and yours. Never forget that we need to be grateful. Now I’m going to tell you why.

It’s A Strange World After All

A young girl of an indeterminent age (between 12 and 16) and suffering from Down’s syndrome has been arrested for alleged committing the crime of blasphemy in Pakistan. Not only does this seem incomprehensible, the manner in which the evidence was acquired makes one’s stomach turn. A nephew of the landlord where the girl’s family rents said that he saw her throwing out the garbage and the contents of the garbage included portions of a burned Koran. So you say, so what? What’s the big deal?

But Your Honor

Turns out that in Pakistan it’s a HUGE deal. Blasphemy carries the death penalty. But surely this can’t happen you say.  Really?  Think again. It also stands to reason that she couldn’t possibly even be arrested, but she was. You see, we aren’t in Canada, or even the US with this story. They don’t have ‘due process’ in Pakistan, leastways not in a form that you and I would recognize. I don’t even know what kind of law they have, or what kind of religion may or may not have a bearing there, nor do I much care. Whatever law or religion they have is inexcusable to allow this to happen.

This Has Got To Change

I am disgusted that there are people that are clearly still living in some very medieval times and carrying out their personal interpretations of what they feel that their ‘God’ would like to see implemented as ‘his law.’  I am not a devoutly religious person, but I cannot believe that there could possibly be a ‘God’ of any kind whatsoever that would tolerate, much less endorse, this kind of blatant injustice.  I am grateful, so incredibly grateful, that I and my family live where we do. Don’t take what you have for granted.

Till Next Time….

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