Is Thirty-One Gifts An Income Opportunity? The Review Results Are In

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 Is Thirty-One Gifts An Income Opportunity? The Review Results Are In

The short answer is…maybe. Let me explain why that is the case.

Since 2003 Thirty-One Gifts has been offering women a selection of merchandise selected as being something one woman would want to give to another or for herself. Thirty-One Gifts was founded by Cindy Monroe and according to their mission statement, the company offers women an outstanding opportunity to become successful in a faith based business.

Based out of Johnstown, OH Thirty-One Gifts serves a clientele that is almost exclusively female. The base concept is that they can access gifts and merchandise even when they don’t have time to browse through boutiques and gift shops.

The gifts are a wide variety ranging from room accents to monogrammed bags and personalized stationary to kitchen utensils. All of the items handled by Thirty-One Gifts are of high quality and chosen to be stylish, useful and affordable.

thirty one gifts

How To Make Money with Thirty-One Gifts

Here is how it all works. Thirty-One Gift’s exclusive merchandise is promoted and sold through a party plan. Basically, the hostess of the party gathers as many of her friends as she can and then promotes the products. In addition to receiving bonuses and money for selling a certain amount of merchandise, a hostess can also be compensated for bringing other interested women into the business as consultants.

Want to earn $200 or more just for hosting a party? Consultants for Thirty-One Gifts can earn that and more as well as qualify for bonuses and free shipping. Bonuses are based on the number of buying customers and the volume of merchandise sold at a party. To qualify for a basic party commission, the hostess must sell at least $200 worth of merchandise. Bonuses and reductions in gift prices also increase as the value of the merchandise sold increases.

Products are available through a comprehensive catalogue that party guests can order from, as well as by viewing any merchandise that the hostess has at the party. Needless to say, one of the most effective methods in sales is to have merchandise that is in use to demonstrate its appearance and functionality.

The difficult thing to ascertain is exactly how to get started as a Thirty-One Gifts consultant or how to go about hosting a party. The company’s website at has some information but the most important is the contact info to access more information about the company.

Is it a viable income opportunity? If the products and the sales method resonate with you and you’re a socially connected female with a wide circle of influence then this could work well for you. Clearly the company is legitimate as are the products that they sell…you can’t stay in business for 9  years and have 10,000 consultants if you aren’t on the up and up.

Check out the company’s website and do your due diligence. Check out the article that I wrote earlier titled ‘Choosing Your Network Marketing Company’ as a guide for questions that you should ask about any company that you are thinking about joining. There are some good points to ponder.

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