This Time The Loser Wins!

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This Time The Loser Wins!

Imagine you are involved in a competition that relies solely on speed and athletic ability and the average age of the record holders is below twenty. You’re in your prime and you have been practicing for this moment for all your life. You compete your butt off and you finish 0.09 seconds out of the running. Your dream of going to London and competing on the biggest stage in the world is over.  Are you heartbroken, saddened, hurt or desolate over losing?  Not a chance,  if you’re Dara Torres.


A True Living Legend

You see,  Dara is fourty-five. She is a swimmer, competing in a girl’s sport. In fact there wasn’t a single competitor in this swimming Olympic qualifying meet that was alive when Dara first dove into an Olympic pool back in 1984. She won gold that year as part of the 4×100 m relay team. She followed that up by appearances on the podium in 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008. She sat out the 1996 and the 2004 games. She is a legend in her sport, and she will always be, irrespective of how she finished at the trials. In fact, she didn’t even have to attend but she did. Do you know why?


The Best I Could Do

Because she is a competitor. She doesn’t quit when the odds are long, she doesn’t quit when she is no longer considered a favorite. In her post race interview she summed it up so well.

“I can leave this knowing I gave it everything I possibly could,” Torres told NBC later Monday. “That’s the best I could do.”


How About You And I?

And that’s all anyone can do. It’s the most you can do and the most I can do. How often do we actually put forth the kind of effort that Dara did? How often can you look at what you did and honestly say you gave it your very best? I can’t answer for you,  but I can for me. My answer to that question is – not nearly often enough. Not nearly enough. But I am working on it. And you?


Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “This Time The Loser Wins!”

  1. Melody Garza Says:

    This really got my attention. I’m an athlete and I have that mindset, but still, sometimes we don’t nearly give ourselves enough credit to give and do the absolute best we can. I’m definitely working on it! =)


    sigrid Reply:

    Melody, I am glad that this story resonated with an athlete like you. Any time that we give our absolute best, we need not fear the outcome.



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