Three Tips To Stop Computer Screens From Ruining Your Eyes

Are Computer Screens Ruining Your Eyes And Making You Less Productive

Eye Fatigue From Computer Screens

It is a well documented fact that working with computer screens (and yes that includes tabs and phat phones) can produce a myriad of eye problems just by the very nature of the physics involved. Not using them isn’t really an option for most people, so it is important to do all that you can to minimize the strain and to keep fatigue low.

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Top Three Tips To Reduce Eye Fatigue From Computer Screens

1. Clean Your Screen

Seems so obvious and yet for some reason it isn’t.  Over time the buildup of spots, smears, dust and other debris can make your screen a real challenge for your eyes to focus on and to look through. If your eyes are having to strain just to see through the grit and grime that isn’t doing them any favors. Computer screens are notoriously dusty and are real magnets for anything floating in the air.

Take a look at your screen and your workplace.

Is it unnecessarily cluttered, making it harder for you to concentrate and to be productive?

Move other, non-essential materials out of your line of vision to allow your eyes and mind to focus on what is important to make yourself as productive as possible. The worst (and most extreme example) of onscreen distracters was on fellow workmates that had the screen of their computer almost obliterated with sticky notes to the point that there was hardly any screen left to look at. Not very conducive to making them productive either.

2. Discover Your Type

Everyone has a type that they prefer to read in. And surprise, surprise, it isn’t always the same one.

Imagine that, we are unique and different.

scriptNo wonder communism didn’t work out so well. Although it isn’t something that you might think about a great deal, there is quite a difference in the ‘readability’ of fonts. Cursive or gothic script are obviously more challenging to read, but so too is Times New Roman with its serifs that tend to make the words a little less clearer. Some fonts like Arial and Verdana have more space between the letters, making it easy on the eyes to recognize at a glance or at a distance.  Less eye strain will reduce fatigue and headaches, which in turn will lead to increased productivity and quality.

3. Use the 20/20/20 Rule

This one is really simple and easy to use. Just take a break for your eyes about every 20 minutes and focus on something that is around 20 feet away for about 20 seconds. The break from the screen will do your eyes good, and allows them to refocus on something at a completely different focal length. It’s the old story of a change being as good as a rest and in this case it’s true. Your eyes will thank you for it.

For best results, actually get up and walk around for a minute.  That will encourage blood flow to all parts of the body and to reduce muscle fatigue. Computer screens have come a long, long way from the earliest grey screen versions of pong and eye strain has been reduced dramatically. Using these three tips will help even more.

Do you have a tip that you would like to share that helps you keep your eyes as comfortable as possible on the job? Send in a comment.


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