Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Unemployed Part 2

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Today’s Youth Getting Their Just Desserts Or Getting The Shaft?

There are some terrible statistics revolving around those in their 20’s, especially those that followed the advice of parents and educators and got university and college degrees. First of all, unemployment is over 15%. Underemployment is over 50%, Less than half work in the field that they studied, and more than 30% are working in jobs that didn’t even require a degree to obtain.

Today’s Youth

This is salt in the wound to those that have to now begin repaying tens of thousands of dollars of very real debt that they accumulated in the process of getting an education. But realities are what realities are. A few will eventually find work in their chosen professions, many will choose to hang out hoping for a return to better days. I have friends in resource towns that are waiting for the return to the good old days of heady wages and money flowing like water. They may well wait forever too.

Many of today’s youth have realized the error that they have unwittingly made, and have taken their first lesson in Economics 101 regarding the Law of Supply and Demand. If there is a declining demand (white collar jobs) and an increasing supply (college and university grads), the price (wages and opportunities) will fall to what the market will bear. It’s a tough lesson to learn and for many an expensive one too. Truth is, the market doesn’t care. The market doesn’t have a ‘no child left behind, there are no losers’ policy.

Today’s Youth Facing Change

Some of today’s youth have seen the writing on their Facebook wall and have made the change. They have turned in their mortar boards for plaid and denim, and have joined the swelling ranks of workers in the trades. Plumbers, Nurses, Electricians, Cooks, Welders, Masons, Carpenters and Pipefitters are in huge demand and they command big dollars for their work. Unemployment in these sectors is less than 1%, and average annual wage increases are running at 3.4% while wages in other sectors are stagnant and even declining.

As one of today’s youth puts it about his new career as a carpenter, ‘Yes, I would prefer to be working in Today's Youth the humanities, it was my field of study, but I need to eat and pay rent too.’ He has realized that there is desire and want, and then there is reality. I would love to conduct my business on the beach in flip flops, but I too have to face reality. Either I can make money, or I can be where I would desire to be. It is a rare bird that has the chance to do both. It’s where I am headed to, but I am not there yet.

Neither is the young carpenter, not yet. But by realizing he was going nowhere waiting tables in a restaurant, fighting for his job with youth willing to work for less and older people looking to bolster their pension income, he has wisely moved on. It’s a choice that more and more of today’s youth are going to have to make as they start to think long term towards their own retirement. What do they want it to look like and how are they going to set themselves up for it? That will ultimately drive them to make the appropriate decisions today.

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2 Responses to “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Unemployed Part 2”

  1. Chery Schmidt Says:

    Great post Sigrid, I have two boys, now grown men and they both have college degree’s Yes this is the way they were taught go to school, get the needed education then go and work for someone else. WELL Guess what this isn’t working out to well for neither of them. Hopefully one day thy will be open to taking a look at what Mon is up to.. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing Sigrid. You have a Great Blog here Keep up the good work Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…An Exercise For A Millionaire Mindset For Online Entrepreneurs! Part 2My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks ‘mom’. It appears as though we should have been listening to you all along. It is time for us to review the advice that is given to our children.



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