Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Unemployed

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Today’s Youth The Underclass of the 21st Century

Everything used to be harder wasn’t it? Walking to school, working three jobs, living off pizza and beer, man we had it tough. Our kids by comparison had it so easy. We fed them, clothed them, catered to their whims, and sent them off to university. We wanted today’s youth to have options we didn’t. And somehow, it all fell apart.

We didn’t want them working at sawmills and manufacturing plants, tire shops and beauty parlours. And we sure as heck didn’t send them off to school to be a receptionist like mom, or a welder like dad. No plumbers among our kids, no electricians and certainly no hammer swingers. The only carpenter that we wanted them to know on a first name basis was Jesus.

So today’s youth worked hard in high school, got good marks, qualified for prestigious universities and we sent them there. Some of us re-mortgaged our homes, delayed our retirement plans, and gave up trips to the Caribbean. Anything to get them in the door to the magical place that would relieve them of all their money, and leave them so immersed in debt that many of them will celebrate their 30th birthdays and will still be paying on their student loans.

Today’s Youth Soft? Out Of Touch? Misdirected?

Today's YouthThey hung in tough at university and worked their butts off between dorm parties, calls to home for more money, and protesting whatever the flavour of the day opposed. They graduated with fanfare and celebration and not a few tears, and then went to start their new job. Only one problem. There was no job. Today’s youth, who had never lost, never failed, never had to wait for anything couldn’t find the golden career they were promised at the end of the rainbow.

The jobs, if they ever existed, were all gone. So they found work. Or they didn’t find work. They served eggs and coffee, flipped burgers, polished donuts, and bagged groceries. They swept floors and raked leaves, baked muffins and dreamed of better days when things would go back to how they were supposed to be. Today’s youth was confused.

Time went by, a month, two, then six. And then a year. Then two. Things went from bad to worse for Today’s Youth. The old boomers weren’t retiring, so the promised jobs weren’t going to be there for awhile. The skills they were taught in college and university didn’t prepare them for the jobs that were available. They applied everywhere within their field and couldn’t even get a call back back much less a job interview. As more time passed, the gap between graduation and career got larger and larger.

today's youth

The jobs they were trained to fill had disappeared for the most part, and more and more of today’s youth chased fewer and fewer jobs. Then an announcement came down. The government was importing foreign workers because we lacked the skilled work force here at home.

Truth, Lies and Misconceptions. The press releases backed the government’s position and notices were sent to today ‘s youth to remind them that their student loan payments were due.

Tomorrow…the Solution.

Till Next Time….

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4 Responses to “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Unemployed”

  1. Hale Pringle Says:

    Wow Sigrid,

    You certainly know how to twist the knife. The wound is bleeding freely now. I hope I don’t bleed out before the Sigrid-the-medic brings the bandages tomorrow.

    I’ve got one son facing this head on and another in a dead end job working 12 hour shifts.

    Of course at the other end of the spectrum, the older I got the more the advanced degrees became a hindrance instead of an asset. Employers didn’t want to pay or couldn’t afford to pay for the experience and degrees.

    No doubt about it, our economy stinks.

    Dr. Hale
    Hale Pringle recently posted…Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging-How-to Look at Your TrafficMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Dr. Hale for your candor. It is refreshing to have someone in your unique position recognize the scope of the problem that we are facing. Here in Western Canada we are fortunate in that many skilled trades are going wanting. With retraining a lot of today’s
    youth still can pull the fat out of the fire. Given their age, they still have the opportunity to redress their retirement plans.



  2. dagmar wichary Says:

    It is so true, after working so hard and giving up Holidays plus working in that little spare time between semesters to get finished faster, the jobs you are seeking and planned for are just simply not there anymore. Instead they lay off people. It is so sad.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thank you for your comments Dagmar. You raise a good point. I wonder how often the student thoroughly researches the job market prior to entering their chosen field of studies, and how often they are steered wrong by well meaning, but misguided educators.



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