Top 6 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me

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 Top 6 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me

If you have never heard Robert Kiyosaki talk at a live event, I highly encourage you to do so. He is an engaging speaker, very real, and very passionate about what he does and what he believes in. The message he gets across loud and clear is that financial literacy at all costs is an absolute fundamental requirement of everyone’s education.  It also reminds me of one of Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemons) great quotes ‘Don’t let school interfere with your education.’


Top 6 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me


Robert is a terrific motivator with a real life message that is crucial for those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to be born to well to do parents anxious to pass on their fiscal prudence.  I am going to list each of the top 6 things Robert Kiyosaki taught me and say a few words about each so that you can see for yourself the tremendous potential that his message conveys. Without further ado here are the Top 6 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Me.

1. Today is the language of winners, tomorrow is the language of losers. What Robert is pointing out, and none to subtly is that the day belongs to those willing to take action now, as opposed to pushing it off to some uncertain tomorrow that may or may not happen. If you want to do something, start a project, undertake a journey or make an investment, today is the best day of all. After all, it’s the only day we can have any influence over whatsoever. 

2. Start putting money away to allow yourself to do the things that will make your money work for you. He suggests three containers, savings, tithings and investment. He stresses that you do not need to tithe to a church, you can do so to any charity or body of good work that you support, but that you do need to begin to put money away EVERY DAY if you are EVER going to attain financial freedom 

3. Learn about your finances. Not only balance your chequebook, but every month balance your net worth statement too. Learn that assets are things that bring money onto your household and liabilities take money out. Your house might not be an asset, but your lawn mower might be if you cut other people’s lawns and make money with your mower. 

4. Start thinking like rich people do. Begin looking for opportunites and ways to increase your income or to reduce your expenses. Be realistic. Study what rich people do (real rich people, not just those that think they are rich)and pattern yourself after them. You will find you will have to grow as a person to be able to withstand criticism and critique. 

5. Focus on Maximizing how much money you keep. Money that you keep only has value if you put it to work for you. Don’t let the government get half of your hard earned income. Start a home based business to help defray some of the costs that you are incurring anyways. Make sure that you are doing all that you can do to reduce your tax burden as much as possible. 

6. Start working for a Network Marketing Company. I wrote an article that I republished as a blog post a short while ago that affords an independent analysis of network marketing companies and the things that you should be looking for as you assess them. I am not saying any one is the be all or end all that you just absolutely have to subscribe to, but rather I am suggesting that you should be well informed and able to make an educated decision. Having a network marketing business will help you learn valuable skills including selling, presenting, how to deal with rejection and how to work as a team. All of these traits are essential for survival in today’s world. 

I hope that you enjoyed the Top 6 things Robert Kiyosaki taught me as much as I enjoyed researching it and writing it. And remember, it’s all about taking meaningful action TODAY.

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