Four Top Reasons You Don’t Have The Results You Want In Life (Part Two)

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Not The Result You Were Looking For? Four Top Reasons Why Not.

In the first part of this post we looked at the first two of The Four Top Reasons that you don’t have the results that you want (and deserve) from life. I agreed that the twin excuses of not having enough money and enough time are both legitimate reasons for not having what you want. However, at the same time, I clearly showed that those excuses are for the most part just convenient default reasons that can be overcome in situations of crisis.

So it does come down to you and the choices that you are making today. If your current life isn’t what you want but you don’t feel that it is a crisis yet, exactly when will you feel that way? Will it be a crisis when you are fourty? fifty? sixty? seventy? At some point you are going to say oh well, I can’t do it. It isn’t going to happen if you and I give up. What I’m suggesting is that you declare a state of crisis now, and make the decision to make the changes that you need to so you can get the results you deserve. Don’t wait. Waiting is for stone structures and old turtles. Not for you .

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So let’s have a quick look at the remaining Four Top Reasons and then I am going to show you how to get what you deserve and want. And it won’t take very long. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. And as my friend Ray says, “If you can do it, I can do it.”

3. No Opportunities

We have all been there. In that dark place where no matter what opportunity is proposed to us, we just aren’t able to take advantage of it. Then we start with the ‘if onlys’ and the ‘if things were different.’ In truth, there are few opportunities that go past us that we couldn’t chase down as long as we believe that we are able to do so. It is just our perceptions that stop us from pursuing opportunities that arise, and over time, our perceptions become our realities.

I am going to introduce you to a guy that has spent as much time in that dark place as any of us. With his real estate holdings going into bankruptcy, he also found out that the bank had called his mortgage on his personal residence and he had to watch it slide into foreclosure. I don’t know if you have been in that position, but I can assure you that it is one of the bleakest times in a person’s life.

I want to show you how he turned things around, and how he is helping me and others to do the same thing. It’s is one of the great traits of being a human. Once we have saved ourselves we begin to look around and see how we can save others. I don’t know your story, or where you are at, but I can assure you that I have been there and I am no longer content to accept less than what I and my family deserve.

4. Lacking Self Worth, Self Confidence, Self Esteem                                                                                                                                                                                          four top reasons

Most of us have had times or even huge chunks of our lives when we felt that for whatever reason we just didn’t measure up to the challenge of an opportunity. It is this lack of self confidence or self worth that really holds us back.

There is no value in being humble or demure about chances to change the world. And make no mistake about it, you have that power. You don’t have to be the president or the pope to change the world. You can change your small corner of it by becoming rich, becoming successful and showing others how to do the same.

That’s exactly what my good friend Ray Higdon is doing. And sure, his corner of the world is a lot bigger than mine (for the moment) and it might well be bigger than yours as well. That doesn’t matter one darn bit. ALL that matters is that he is teaching me the same techniques that he uses, and I want to share that opportunity with you.

Remember the Four Top Reasons why you haven’t got the results in your life you deserve? That’s right, the ones up the page. They are the enemy. They are the reasons why you don’t have money, don’t have success, don’t have what you want. How much longer are you going to let opportunities pass you by? How much older do you want to be without what you want?

When you’re ready to change that take a look at this. Like I said before, it won’t take you long to start getting what you want and it won’t cost you much. Oh, and one more thing. It’s got a money back guarantee so you are risking nothing. Oh, and one more other thing. You’re gaining everything.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Four Top Reasons You Don’t Have The Results You Want In Life (Part Two)”

  1. Akos Fintor Says:

    Hey Sigrid,

    I can relate to No. 4.
    I used to struggle with lack of worthiness for a long time.
    It was just another limiting belief that I had to get rid of.

    thanks for sharing this with us


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Akos. I’m glad to hear that you were able to identify and overcome your struggle.



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