The Top Six Ultimate Blogging Tips

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Blogging Tips Guaranteed To Create Success

1. Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About 

This is by far the most critical blogging tip that anyone can ever give you. Believe it or not, blogging can be hard work and there will be times when your patience will be tested. If your blog has a chance at success, you need to keep your content fresh, which means you need to frequently update your blog. You need to be able to stay motivated about your blog’s topic for the long haul.

2. Choose a Topic You Like to Discuss 

A successful blog requires back and forth conversation between you and your audience.  As readers leave comments on your blog or email you to discuss your posts in further detail, you need to be responsive and receptive to them. Make sure that you respond in a timely manner and try to respond to every comment. Not only is that in good taste and form but it enhances your blog and the interest in it. This blogging tip is all about the sense of community that you can build with a lively discourse between you and your readers.

3. Choose a Topic You Don’t Mind Debating with Other People

blogging tips

The blogging community is made up of people from all walks of life with varying opinions. The internet also allows people a fair degree of anonimity and they don’t have to be as accountable for what they say. This blogging tip could be summed up this way. Get prepared. People love to talk about themselves and their opinions.  As your blog grows, more and more people will find it, and not everyone is going to like or agree with everything you write. As a successful blogger you need to appreciate the healthy debate that you are sure to create.


4. Choose a Topic You’re Not Overly Sensitive About 

When your blog becomes a success you can expect a certain degree of envy and peer jealousy. It is a normal thing for some readers of blogs to feel that they have to make comment even if it’s not a positive message. On occasion you may be attacked personally in the comments that you get on your website or on your blog. Make sure you don’t have a topic that you are fanatical or overly emotional about, or you will have a hard time keeping comments from becoming personal.

blogging tips

5. Choose a Topic You Enjoy Researching 

This blogging tip seems like a no brainer but it actually makes a lot of sense. In order for your blog to be successful, you need to enjoy reading about your blog’s topic and keeping up with news and current events that are relevant. You will want to keep your blog’s content interesting and entertaining. Ideally it will be something that your readers will benefit from.

6. Choose a Topic You Know Something About

Once again,  this would seem to be ridiculously simple,  but the reality is that not everyone is wise enough to follow this blogging tip. It never fails to amaze me when you look at some blogs and see how much wandering around the author does on a particular topic. Sometimes it gets to the point that you feel so sorry for them you want to send them instructions on how to find their way home or at least to the end of the post. If you don’t know, then for heaven’s sake research it. Don’t just create written drivel, the world already has her fair share and then some.

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8 Responses to “The Top Six Ultimate Blogging Tips”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hey Sigrid,

    I love the tip called “Choose a Topic You Don’t Mind Debating with Other People” – as you mention there are so many different people out on the internet and so many different views. This is what is so powerful about marketing on the internet, for the most part, it does not really matter what you put up for content (as a subject), someone, somewhere will appreciate it.

    Thank you for theses tips!
    Robert David Strong recently posted…Spider Web Marketing: Scam Or Not?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Robert, you are so right that someone will always appreciate what we write about as long as our content is valuable…



  2. Amy Hagerup Says:

    I am inspired by your daily posts and wanted to check out some of them. Good job. I found that when I incorporated these six tips, writing my blogposts became easier because they were flowing from who I am and what I love. Thanks for the succinctness.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Amy! And you are so welcome. I’m glad that writing became easier for you-it is so much easier to write about something that we are passionate about and love.



  3. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I like your six tips, they are so inspiring


    sigrid Reply:

    Thank you so much for sharing Dagmar. Keep up the good work!



  4. Damayanthi Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    All these seems so simple, but we don’t think about them so much.
    I have seen blog posts that encourage debates go viral and look like everyone got an opinion.

    Thanks for sharing my friend

    Damayanthi recently posted…One Simple Technique To Fight Your Bulging Email InboxMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Damayanthi, I think sometimes we all, and me included!, make things too hard and simple is the way we need to go.



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