Turn On Your Receiver


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 Turn On Your Receiver

Are You Ready To Receive?

There is an old song by the Scots rock band Nazareth that contains a line admonishing the listener to turn on their receiver in order to hear what they are being told. It’s some great advice and something that we seriously have to ask ourselves from time to time. When I am in the middle of life’s daily grind, it is difficult to think of things other than what is right in front of me.  Visual cues that remind me that I need to focus on the bigger prize are invaluable for me.

Receiving As A Focal Point

If I look at my arm I see a small scar there. It is the result of an injury I received, but to me it is far more than that. It reminds me that I have a commitment. It is a tremendous motivator to not only keep myself working towards that goal, but also to keep myself open to solutions that will get me closer to it as well.

If I’m Not Open, I Can’t Receive



In life, we have to be able to focus on our goal and never let it become cloudy or too difficult to see.  It’s also critical that we leave ourselves open to receive anything that the Universe sends our way that can move us closer to our goal or desired target. Bear in mind that it won’t always look the way that we expect it to. The Universe is often quirky that way and unless we leave ourselves in a state of ‘Beginner’s Mind’, it will be difficult for us to recognize the value of what we have in front of us.

Rough Cut Diamonds

I have a saying that states ‘Vision in the rear-view mirror is 20/20.’ What it means is that once we are past the opportunity it is easy to see, not unlike the turn we should have made off the freeway, instead of the one that we chose that took us straight to the part of town where you don’t even want to stop at red lights. It isn’t always easy to spot the opportunities when they come and sometimes they are like rough diamonds. They need a little digging and polishing. The key is to remain open and don’t have a closed mind on either people or opportunities.

Look for visual clues or ‘anchors’ in your life that you can use to remind yourself of your goals in life, and allow the Universe to bring them to closer to you. After all, while we have a few ideas on how to get things done, the Universe has an infinite number.

Till Next Time….

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