US Government Shutdown Lesson Learned

What Lesson Did The US Government Shutdown Teach Us

This issue has dominated,  and I do mean dominated, the news over the past three weeks or so. And with good reason right? The US Government Shutdown. The very lifeblood of the world’s economy hung in the balance, and we were down to nail biting time. 

Weren’t we? Oh, we weren’t? As in ‘not even close?’

Or as Bill Clinton said in the bad joke, no cigar.


US Government


US Government Shutdown Teach Us Anything

Despite what the media says, or would have you think, US Government shutdowns occur with more frequency than Category 5 hurricanes. And, speaking of hurricanes, weren’t we to be in the midst of one of the most violent and savage storm seasons on record? Not how it appears to me, least not from my rocking chair.


What The US Government Shutdown Taught Me

If there is one takeaway from all the big news, it is that the big news all too frequently is little news or no news at all. Now just before you jump all over me about the plight of the families of servicemen and women everywhere, I need you to put my remarks in context. I am talking in generalities here and looking at the overall big picture.

But you have a valid point. Big pictures are made up of thousands of little pictures and they all matter.

US Government ShutdownThe people that were hurt the most were the ones with pension or paycheck income that didn’t happen when the US Government shutdown.


That is the great danger of relying on a single source of income when you aren’t in control of that income. Let me explain what I mean.


If you’re a salesman, you often only have one source of income as well, but you have the ability to either ramp up your sales volume or move your talents to another location if things aren’t going well, or if your paycheck dwindles to unacceptable levels. Government workers and those with government pensions usually can’t do that.

My advice is to change that, and to begin doing so as soon as possible. To be beholden to anyone else for your main or only source of income is a bit like buying lottery tickets. You can’t predict the outcome. It doesn’t matter that the US government will always make good on their payment promises.


You need your money to eat today.


You need to find a cash machine that will generate you dollars. Even if it is only a few bucks a day to start, that will be enough to make a difference. In just three years, you would have over two thousand dollars and you can’t tell me that wouldn’t come in handy right about now.

There is a saying that ‘nothing changes until something changes. And its absolutely true.


So if you want to change where you are at and what is going on in your life then you have to initiate that change. And if you’re interested, I can help.


And until then, take the news media hype with a grain of salt, and remember that their job is to sell news and to find ways to get us to watch. And they get paid for what they do. Just like you should.


Till Next Time…

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